Yorick Ravenswing, the Black Duke of Narlmarch

The baron stares down at you, his handsome face an unreadable mask. His black-feathered cloak moves in a nonexistent breeze. Above him, you can hear rustling feathers and the occasionally croak of his shadow ravens.


Description: The duke is a handsome man with a shaved head and green eyes that are often hid by small spectacles of smoked black glass. Wrapped tightly in a black leather coat of fine quality, his tall, thin body is heavily tatooed with images that come to him in dreams: nightmarish monsters, fey creatures, abstract symbols, and ravens. He wears fine jewelry in his ears, around his neck and on his fingers, and two ioun stones circle his head. On his shoulders is a cloak of shimmering black feathers. Shifting forms hover around him, his shadow ravens, illusionary creatures that seem to follow the baron everywhere and whose actions often reflect his mood. In the center of his forehead sits a small, oval shaped black gemstone. When Yorick uses magic, his eyes turn entirely black and he manifests the black outline of a bird around his body.

Sorcerer of the Destined Bloodline (Level 10)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Human (Issian) Age: 23

Init +5; Senses Perception +6

AC 20, touch 13, flat-footed 19 (+ 4 Mage Armor, + 2 Enhancement, + 1 Dex, + 1 deflection, + 1 Natural Armor, + 1 insight)
hp 68 (10d6+18)
Fort + 5, Ref + 5, Will + 8 (+ 2 v. poison; + 2 when surprised/unaware)

Speed 30 ft.
long spear + 4 (1d8 – 1)

Strength: 8 (tall but incredibly thin . . . almost scrawny)
Dexterity: 13 (quick hands)
Con: 12 (healthy enough despite his emaciated frame)
Int: 16/18 (smart enough to know better)
Wisdom: 10 (often distracted by the world around him)
Charisma: 19/21 (both handsome and possessed of great presence . . . he tends to command a room for good or ill)

Vagabond Child: Yorick grew up among the outcasts and outlaws of society, learning to forage and survive in the alleys and streets of New Stetvan.
World Traveler: Yorick has taken the love of travel to an extreme, roaming the world extensively. He’s seen dozens of cultures and learned to appreciate the diversity of what the world has to offer.

Major Skills: Bluff + 16 (8), Diplomacy + 21 (10), Knowledge: Arcana + 14 (5), Knowledge: Planes + 19 (10), Perception + 7 (7), Spellcraft + 16 (7), Use Magic Device + 20 (10)
Minor Skills: Fly + 5 (1), Knowledge: Nature + 7 (1), Linguistics + 6 (3), Perform: Oratory + 9 (1), Profession: Gambling + 5 (2), Ride + 2 (1), Sense Motive + 5 (5), Sleight of Hand + 7 (2

Languages: Common, Sylvan, Infernal, Goblin, Dwarven, Draconic, Kellid

1-Improved Initiative; H-Toughness
3- Silent Spell
5- Combat Casting (Concentration: + 16)
7-Still Spell; Bloodline: Leadership
9-Quicken Spell
Planned Feats
11-Inspiring Ruler?, Arcane Blast?
13-Great Fortitude; Bonus-Lightning Reflexes

Items of Significance:

  • the Raven Cloak of the Fey Lord
  • masterwork scroll case
  • fine silver cane (masterwork club)
  • black leather bracers (carved with woodland images) charmed to protect Yorick from physical attacks
  • an amulet (a flat bronze disk with runic symbols) reputed to defend the wearer from danger
    Dusty Rose Ioun Stone
  • black leather coat charmed by Brother Zero to protect the baron
  • playing cards & dice
  • Circlet of Vordekai (Headband of Mental Prowess: Cha & Int-KS: Planes)
  • Silver Helm (helmet of comprehend & read languages)

Spells: Yorick’s magic manifests itself in the form of ravens; this may be reflected by images of shadowy birds, loud, piercing ‘caws’, or the sound of flapping wings. Yorick himself favors illusions, often using them to make grand entrances or exits (disappearing in an explosion of birds, stepping out of a shadowy corner filled with what seems like a dozen shadowy ravens.
Level 0: Winged Illumination (Light), Raven’s Sight I (Read Magic,Detect Magic), Shadow Ravens (Mage Hand, Presidigitation, Ghost Sound, Mending), Raven’s Form (Haunted Fey Aspect)
Level 1 (8): Feathered Phantasmagoria (Silent Image), Shadow Ectoplasm (Grease), Raven’s Ward (Mage Armor), Raven’s Wing I (Exp. Retreat-Swift), Raven’s Sight II (Charm Person), Raven’s Claws (Magic Missile), Raven’s Ward II (Protection from Evil)
Level 2 (7): Shadow Ectoplasm II (Glitterdust), Raven’s Gift I (Blur), Feathered Phantasmagoria (Mirror Image), Raven’s Sight III (Chain of Eyes), Raven’s Gift II (Invisibility), Conspiracy’s Cloud (Ray of Stupidity), (Wings of Cover)
Level 3 (7): Conspiracy’s Gate (Summon Monster III), Raven’s Ward III (Protection from Energy), Raven’s Wings III (Haste), Raven’s Champion (Heroism) (Dispel Magic), Raven’s Wings V (Fly)
Level 4 (6): Conspiracy’s Wrath (Black Tentacles), Raven’s Sight III (Scrying), (Dragon Breath), Raven’s Wings IV (Freedom of Movement)
Level 5 (4): Conspiracy’s Gate II (Teleport)

Bloodline Arcana: Whenever you cast a spell with a range of “personal,” you gain a luck bonus equal to the spell’s level on all your saving throws for 1 round.

Bloodline Powers
Touch of Destiny (Sp): Yorick can touch a creature as a standard action, giving it an insight bonus on attack rolls, skill checks, ability checks, and saving throws (+4) for 1 round (7 x day)

Fated (Su): +2 luck bonus on saving throws and to AC during surprise rounds and when otherwise unaware of an attack

It Was Meant To Be (Su): reroll any 1 attack roll, critical hit confirmation roll, or level check made to overcome spell resistance; must decide to use this ability after the first roll is made but before the results are revealed by the GM. You must take the second result, even if it is worse. (1/day)

  • Equipment
    Wand of Lightning Bolt-spring loaded wrist sheath on right hand, wand of Dimension Door-spring loaded wrist sheath on left hand, , MW Tool-fine undercoat (Diplomacy), Amulet of + 2 Resistance(+ 2 vs. Poison)
    cards & dice, antitoxin x3, waterproof bag, belt pouches, MW scroll tube + scrolls, wands (CLW, MM, Hideous Laughter, Lesser Restoration), jewelry (worth 1000 gp), Rod of Lesser Extend, MW Tool-book (Linguistics), MW Tool-book (UMD), MW Tool-book (KS: Arcana), MW Tool-book (KS: Nature), MW Tool-book (KS: Planes)
    Divine Scrolls: CMWx2 (22), CSW (23), Delay Poison (22), Ghostbane Dirge (22) Remove Paralysis x2 (22), Lesser Restoration (22), Detect Disease (21), Detect Charm (21), Hide From Undead (21), Read Weather (21), Remove Fear (21), Sanctuary (21), Remove Blindness (23), Restoration (24), Breath of Life (25), Waterbreathing (22), Zone of Truth (22), Barkskin x2 (22), Speak with Dead (23)
    Arcane Scrolls: Magic Circle Versus Evil, Haste, Whispering Wind, Reduce Person, Ant Haul, Ventriloquism, Disguise Self, True Strike, Detect Secret Doors, Obscuring Mist, Shield, Identify, See Invisible x3, Bear’s Endurance, Bull’s Strength x3, Tap Inner beauty, Enlarge Person x4, Feather Fall, Share Language, Comprehend Languages x9, Break Enchantment, Flaming Sphere, Keen Edge, Mount, Keep Watch x4, Gravity Bow x4, Darkvision x2, Displacement, Gaseous Form
    Potions: CMW x2, Waterbreathing, Remove Blindness, Antitoxin, Holy Water x4
    On horse
    MW backpack, MW Tool-Ride (saddle), trail rations x5, waterskin, light crossbow + bolts + 5 flaming bolts
    At home
    Clothes (traveler’s outfit, cold-weather outfit, royal outfit + jewelry)

Score: 21 (+ 10 level + 5 Cha + 2 great reknown + 1 special power + 1 fairness & generosity + 2 HQ)
1st level (50): (raven handlers-10, spies-20, Twilight Court-20)
2nd level (6): Zhang’s Shadows (6 rangers)
3rd level (3): Dannell (rogue), Katilyne (fighter), Shalla’bal (bard),
4th level (2): Zhang (ranger), Shulb (cleric)
5th level (1): Blue Vaja (wizard)
6th level (1): Bartleby (bard)

Spell Descriptions
5th Level

  • Teleport: The shadow ravens circle Yorick & Co. until they all disappear in a flash; he appears in an explosion of shrieking ravens in his intended location
    4th Level
    • Black Tentacles: The shadows ravens begin to circle the spell area in a terrifying vortex, shrieking loudly. They dive at creatures in the area, turning into splotches of black ectoplasm on contact. The ectoplasm hardens and squeezes, causing great pain to those affected
    • Freedom of Movement: A shadowy outline of great black wings appear on the subject
    • Scrying: as stated, though Yorick’s visage becomes more bird-like, his eyes grow larger and further apart and his nose grows and becomes more beaklike
  • Dragon’s Breath: Yorick opens his mouth and vomits forth a screaming flock of ravens that fly towards the target and explode with arcane energy
    3rd Level
    • Fly: great black raven’s wings sprout from the subject
    • Dispel Magic: the shadow raven’s attack either the visible effect of the spell or the spellcaster him/herself
    • Heroism— shadow ravens come to the aid of the subject in whatever way is appropriate
    • Haste—shadow wings
    • Protection from Energy—shadow ravens appear and intercept the source of the energy damage
    • Summon Monster III—ravens gather in vortex and then explode out, revealing creature
    2nd Level
    • Invisibility—raven vortex→vanish
    • Ray of Stupidity—shadow ravens surround the subjects head, pecking at it
    • Glitterdust—shadow ravens fly at subject, bursting into glittering onyx dust
    • Blur—shadowy flapping wings obscure Yorick’s position
    • Mirror Image—creates illusionary duplicates that explode into shrieking ravens when hit
    • Wings of Cover—raven vortex
    • Chain of Eyes: Yorick’s eyes grow larger and further apart and his nose grows and becomes more beaklike
    1st level
    • Magic Missile—shadow ravens attack
    • Silent Image—as stated, will save results in subject seeing wings fluttering within illusion
    • Grease—shadow ravens fly at subject, turning into shadowy ectoplasm on contact
    • Mage Armor—shadowy wings appear, causing attacks to miss
    • Expeditious Retreat, Swift—raven’s vortex whisks him away
    • Charm Person—ravens land on subjects shoulders and whisper in his/her ear (invisible to those without some method of arcane perception)
    • Protection from evil—Shadow ravens intercept attacks by those affected
    • Alarm—ravens roosting in area warn of danger, call “Yorick! Danger! Yorick! Danger!”
    0 Level
    • Haunted Fey Aspect—Yorick grows taller, thinner, paler, his features grow more extreme
    • Light—shadow raven flies to object, taps it with beak resulting in glow
    • Read Magic—shadow raven peers at writing and whispers in Yorick’s ear
    • Detect Magic—same as read magic
    • Mage Hand—shadow ravens manipulates object
    • Prestidigitation—shadow ravens manipulate object
    • Mending—shadow ravens manipulate object
    • Ghost Sound—invisible shadow ravens emit noises, visible only to those with some form of arcane perception
  • Message—arcane sight reveals a shadow raven on the shoulder of the object, whispering in his/her ear

Recent History
With his allies, Brother Zero, taciturn dwarf, Inquisitor of Abadar, and Lord Treasurer; Markoa of the Shadows, half elf, forest ranger, Spymaster, and possible incarnation of the Stag Lord; Corben, drunken (and quite possibly mad) human, War Priest of Gorum and “General”; and Variel the White, elven lord, paladin of the Light, and Lord Marshal, Baron Yorick of Narlmarch has worked diligently to bring safety and prosperity the Stolen Lands. Thus far, this has involved killing many bandits (some with great satisfaction), negotiating with fairies, kobolds and a single boggart, slaying an insane bear, clearing out a nest of mites, pacifying some lizardmen, and getting to know a certain unhinged swamp witch.
Who knows what else awaits the Council of Narlmarch?
Recently, the baron has been seen in the company of a number of young women, most often Dannell the Damned, Katelyne the Black, and the bard Shalla’bal.
The baron has formed an elite force that serves as his honor guard; he has dubbed them the Order of the Raven. The Order consists of the following: the soldier, Lizvetta of Brevoy; the warrior, Katilyine the Black; the halfling burglar, Davell the Damned; the elf mage, Blue Vaja; Mad Shulb, priestess of Pharasma; and Shalla’bal, the Weeping Succubus.
A strange menagerie of creatures have descended on Castle Stag. The group includes fey creatures, several kobolds from Sootscales, and halflings from western Narlmarch. In a fit of dark humor, Yorick has dubbed this collection his “Twilight Court”.
Stories circulate about the baron’s shadow ravens listening and watching all of the citizens of Narlmarch, watching over the weak and ferreting out criminals and traitors. In fact, Yorick has an organization of spies throughout the kingdom, all of whom secretly report to the popular adventure called Zhang. This young woman in turn informs the baron under the cover of darkness. (The Flock: 47 1st level NPCs)

Yorick was born into poverty in the streets of New Stetven. He never knew his parents; he and a handful of other children were raised by Granny Vaka, a neighborhood midwife with some mystical power. Granny always doted on Yorick, regaling him with stories of adventure and excitement. She called him a “shining one”, someone destined to guide this world to a better place. All this attention made Yorick a target for the other orphans. He quickly learned to be charming, and when charming didn’t work, he learned to be quick.
Despite her beliefs about Yorick, Granny Vaka still expected the children to bring in enough coin to support the “family”. The boy learned quickly how to lift a purse (or its contents), and he found he had a gift for gambling. He became Granny’s top earner, and he parlayed the scraps he kept for himself into enough to support himself. On his sixteenth birthday, Yorick’s arcane abilities manifested, much to the delight of Granny. That night, the boy slipped out the door, fleeing Granny Vaka and her prophecies.
Seeking a life free of the responsibility of his destiny, he wandered from town to town, making a living off his “hedge magic” and spending his time drinking, whoring and drugging. Then one day, Yorick found himself accepting the Swordlords’ call to the Stolen Lands. He told himself he was bored and that there was money to be made, but these reasons rang hollow, even inside his own head. Something was pulling him . . . it would appear his damned destiny was catching up with him.

Background Information

Life, Death, and Beyond
1. Who were your parents? U_nknown: poor and dead, he has no memory of any of them_
a. Are they still alive? If not, why? Father-unknown, presumed dead. Mother-died in childbirth
b. What is your relationship with your parents?—_none_

2. Do you have any reviled or celebrated ancestors? No-he is a child of the poor underclass, a man with no heritage
a. Who were they?
b. How do most others feel about them?
c. Do others treat you differently once they find out?

3. Do you have any siblings? None that he knows of
a. Are they still alive? If not, why?
b. Are you still friendly with your siblings?
c. Do they still live with your parents?

4. What was your childhood like? Yorick lived on the streets & then as a member of Granny Vaka’s Orphanage
a. Did you have a best friend? As a teenager, Yorick met Lizvetta, the only child of wealthy merchants
Are you still in touch? Not at 1st level
b. Did you have a rival? None
Are you still rivals? N/A
__c. Did you have a role model? No Describe him or her. N/A
d. Did you witness or remember an event that was historically important? What was it? Granny Vaka “read” that Yorick had a great destiny
5. Were you wealthy or poor growing up? poor
a. Did your family’s fortunes change? If so, why? no
6. Can you read and write? Yes, learned from Granny Vaka If not, why? N/A
7. Have you ever been married or coupled with a significant other? Lizvetta as a young adult
a. Are you still together? No
If not, why? Yorick left to adventure; Lizvetta stayed and joined the city guard as a minor officer
b. Do you have any children together? No
Have you adopted any children? No
c. How do you feel about your significant other’s family? Dislike her family as they hated him
8. Did you practice any trades before becoming an adventurer? Yorick was a gambler, drug dealer and pimp
a. Why did you change careers? Never stayed in one place to longer; his destiny called
9. Who trained you in your current skills? His thieving skills he learned from Granny Vaka; his arcane skills are self-taught
a. How do you feel about this person or the organization he or she represents? Yorick has mixed feelings about Granny Vaka
10. Do you have any close friends? At 1st level; no
a. Why are they your friends? N/A b. What would you do for your friends? N/A
11. Do you have any bitter enemies? N/A
a. What caused this person or persons to become your enemy? N/A
b. Would you kill your enemy? N/A
12. What are your goals and dreams in life? At 1st level, Yorick wants to figure out his ‘great destiny’
a. Why do you have these goals? He has stopped fighting his destiny
b. How do you plan to attain these dreams? By creating a kingdom in the Stolen Lands
c. How does adventuring fit into those goals and dreams? He needs to ‘adventure’ to gain this kingdom
13. Do you have any retirement plans? No
a. Do you have a will? everything goes to Lizvetta
If not, why? N/A
b. Who would your possessions and wealth go to if you should meet an untimely end? Lizvetta
14. How do you feel about killing? Generally uncomfortable with killing unless it is in self-defense (though Yorick’s idea of self-defense is broad and reaches into the theoretical)
a. What would drive your character to kill, and why? Anyone who threatens him or someone he loves or what he has built

15. How do you feel about death? Yorick feels that death is inevitable, secretly fears it (might eventually seek to prolong his life and the life of those he loves through arcane magic LICH!!!!)
a. Do you believe in the afterlife? Yorick is unsure about the afterlife, feeling mostly suspicion
Describe your beliefs. See above

1. 2. What are your moral or religious beliefs? Yorick believes that mortals live in a chaotic universe in which human beings live at the mercy of various immortal beings; the best you can do is survive
a. How far would you go to defend these beliefs? He wouldn’t go anywhere; he would just try to survive
b. Who or what taught you these beliefs? Life as a child on the streets
If opposing religions exist, how do you feel about them? Yorick thinks that other belief systems are the efforts of mortals to curry favor with uncaring beings.
3. Do you get along with other members of your church or belief system? He recognizes no systemic belief system
a. Do you practice a form of religion that is considered heretical? Probably by many

1. What are your personality traits and personal habits?
Yorick is possessed of a powerful charisma and a wild side. He is something of a hedonist and is willing to do or try anything, including drugs or magicks.
a. How do others react to them? Many are drawn to be near him by his strong personality.
2. Do you have any distinctive physical traits?
His eyes, once green, have turned solid black for some reason, perhaps from the influence of the fey powers of Narlmarch
a. Scars or tattoos?
Yorick’s body is covered in tattoos of arcane sigils, ravens and various fey creatures
How did you acquire them? He has added them based on dreams over the last decade
b. How do people react to them? People don’t seem surprised though those with an arcane background or an understanding of fey might be intrigued/concerned
3. Do you get along with other people? Yorick gets along with everyone except those he finds to be arrogant or stuffy
a. If not, why? He finds those type off-putting
b. Do others consider you trustworthy? Yes, those get to know him well enough
4. How do you treat other people? Fairly, though he does have a sarcastic, teasing manner which some might dislike
a. How do you handle their quirks and personalities?
b. What personalities irritate you the most?
5. Do you have a daily routine?
How do you react to its interruption?
6. Do you have any mental quirks or illnesses, such as phobias or obsessions?
a. How do others react to them?
b. Where do they stem from?

Yorick Ravenswing, the Black Duke of Narlmarch

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