Markoa Surtova


Markoa Surtova
male gnome spell-less ranger 7/magus 3
N small humanoid (gnome)
Init + 4; Senses Perception + 24(28), low-light vision
AC 20, touch 15, flat-footed 16 (+ 4 Dex, + 5 armor, + 1 size)
hp 99 + 1d8
Fort + 11, Ref + 10, Will + 7
Speed 30ft. (60 ft)
Melee mwk shortsword + 12/+ 7 (1d4+ 2/19-20)
Ranged + 1 composite longbow + 16/ + 11 (1d6+ 3/x3)
Rapid Shot + 14/+ 14/+ 7(1d6+ 3/x3)
Deadly Aim + 13/+ 8(1d6+ 9)
Rapid Shot and Deadly Aim + 11/+ 11/+ 6(1d6+ 9)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks stealth attack + 2d6 (humans, fey, or on favored terrain); favored enemy human + 2 hit/dmg, fey + 4 hit/dmg; arcane pool + 1 magic bonus
Gnome Spell-like abilities (CL 9, concentration + 3)
1/day—bleed, chill touch, detect poison, and touch of fatigue
Magus Spells Prepared (CL 2, concentration + 4)
1st – obscuring mist, shield, true strike, keep watch
0th – mage hand, prestidigitation, read magic, spark
Str 14, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 10
Base Atk + 9; CMB + 10, CMD 24
Feats Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot©, Endurance©, Rapid Shot, Deadly Aim, Imp. Precise Shot©, Quickdraw, Skill Focus (perception), Wpn Focus (longbow), Alertness
Ranger Talents Stag’s Leap (running jump w/out running), Cheetah’s Stride
Skills (77)
Acrobatics 6/+ 18 (+ 5 elven boots), Climb 4/+ 11, Craft (bow) 3/+ 10 (+ 2 MW tools), Handle Animal 8/+ 11, Heal 6/+ 10, Intimidate 3/+ 6, K. dungeoneering 3/+ 8, K. geography 6/+ 13, K. nature 5/+ 10, Linguistics 1/+ 6 Perception 10/+ 24(28)(+ 2 helm, + 6 skill focus, + 2 race; + 4 alertness), Ride 1/+ 8, Stealth 8/+ 29 (+ 5 cloak, + 5 armor, + 4 size) (another + 3 in the woods), Survival 9/+ 16 (tracking + 19), Swim 4/+ 9
Traits courageous, bastard; fell magic, explorer (geography)
Languages Common, Sylven, Elf, Draconic, Skald, Auran
SQ arcane pool: 3; nature’s healing 1d6+ 3(forest); hunter’s bond (animal companion Zebulon Strike); Woodland Stride; magus arcana (osprey familiar – Ouray + 3 survival)
Spellbook all 0-lvl magus cantrips, all spells in common with wizard 1st – 4th; 1st-lvl: Call Weapon, Vanish, Illusion of Calm, Keep Watch
Magical Gear Boots of Elvenkind, Cloak of Elvenkind, Stag’s Helm, Briar’s Embrace, Efficient Quiver, Potion of Endure Elements, Potion of CLW x3, Anti-toxin,

Notable Possessions:
Stag’s Helm – A helm which resembles a mighty stag, crafted by the followers of Erastil, it gives its wearer enhanced vision and hearing. A worshipper can also call upon the will of the Stag Lord to help guide his arrow to put down an enemy with greater ease.
Boots of the Antelope – These elven crafted boots give Markoa the ability to leap and spring like a running antelope.
Cloak of the Leopard – A dark cloak patterned like a leapard to help him blend in to the surroundings.
Efficient Quiver – Holds both his bows, his finely crafted short sword, cold iron spears, and a horde of special arrows.
MW Tooled Elk Hide Quiver (400gp)
This well made quiver is tooled elk hide that is dark brown covered in images of a elk run and hunters led by the Stag Lord himself. The quiver has an attached cover that protects the arrows from anything getting within the quiver (ie. Water, mud) but isn’t sealed. The quiver is the same size as a normal quiver but holds 50% more arrows (30). There are pockets and tassels on the outside for holding fletching tools and crafting materials for another 60 arrows.
Lasus Vrin’s Masterwork Arrows
These 30 arrows are crafted in the same manner as your own fletching but there are subtle differences in the weight, balance and craftsmanship to these arrows that not only bestow the usual +1 to hit (due to their exceptionally sharp points) but will fly 25% farther than average arrows fired from the same bow.
Briar’s Embrace – Boiled leather armor with a camouflage pattern provides him with an enhanced ability to remain unseen, especially when in the wilds. This armor also is bristle with thorns, causing pain to any creature that tries to bite him.

Cheetah’s Stride (Ex): You can move up to twice
your speed as a move action. You don’t suffer any penalty on Stealth checks for this move, although
it will provoke attacks of opportunity as normal. You may use this talent a number of rounds per day equal to your ranger level.

Stag’s Leap (Ex): This talent allows you to attempt a running jump without moving 10 ft. before the jump.

Retraining: 3 pts k. arcana and planes to geography


Markoa Surtova

Markoa, who never gives nor admits to his last name or his heritage, was born to a captive elf girl who and the younger brother to King Noleski’s father, Prince Brovloski. Nyia, his mother, was merely half the traditional birthing age an elf normally is, and despite the chirurgeon’s best efforts, died giving birth to Markoa. His father, not wanting to recognize him as his bastard but honor bound to raise him, brought him up with the bare minimum of provisions and zero affection, and always neglected his training and schoolings. Markoa learned his martial training from a half-orc man-at-arms to one of his families holdings. The rest, he was mostly self taught or sat in on the occasional lessons with his true-born brothers and sisters. He was forced to attend functions with other noble houses, but never participate and often was the brunt of jokes played on him by his ‘noble’ siblings.

One of his happiest, and yet most painful memories, was when his father gave him an Ornate Hawk-Eagle as a gift, and told him to train with his brothers and thier raptors. Markoa named the hawk, Ouray, which means ‘arrow’, and excitedly joined his kin out on the field. He was so proud of his new bird, he didn’t even realize that hawks were considered ‘lesser’ birds-of-prey among the nobles, and his brothers merely laughed at him and is crazy-looking bird. Markoa also didn’t know that his brothers had already been training, so he mostly embarrassed himself trying to emulate their techniques.

Often, he spent weeks to months at a time in the wilderness with Ouray, just exploring and hunting. They often got themselves in trouble and several times, nearly killed. When he would return, it was as if he never left. No one missed him or asked him where he had been.

When he came of age, his father wanted him as far away as he could make Markoa go. He enrolled the young man at Rhapsodic College in Oppara, Taldor. Domani Surtova thought that a bard would be a good career his lithe son. The skinny half-elf would never make a proper knight, so he thought it just natural. Of course, Markoa did not have the temperament for a bardic college. He was never interested in music, dance, or art. Magic he was interested in, but refused to sing verbal components. His studies grew worse when Ouray showed up out of the blue and Markoa spent all of his freetime in the forests, practicing his falconry. After a year, the colleges professor’s sent Markoa on his way. Markoa stole his textbooks on magic, and went to work as a tracker; studying in his off time.

He trained with Markoa and Ouray on how to hunt, and fight. His magical studies fell off. Eventually, the young man and his hawk developed a bond that goes beyond what most falconers develop. He actually befriended the bird, not owned it.

During the hottest days of summer, work for the young man fell off. He decided he wasn’t a fan of the southern heat and humidity, and decided to head north. To home. To prove to his father he was ready to be a knight and to show his brothers how a real falconer hunts. It turned out for nought.

The day that Markoa and Ouray showed up and embarrassed his brothers was the last day Markoa considered himself a Surtova, and his family as well. His brothers set their falcons on Ouray, who proceeded to take them apart one at a time, and his brothers raged and beat Markoa to near death. Then they dragged him to his father’s court.

Markoa was frothing with rage himself, and demanded that he be recognized as the hier to the lands. After all, he was the eldest and the Surtova blood was in his veins.

His father scolded him for his insolence; that a mongrel bastard has no claim to nobility, and that he should have stayed in Taldor. Instead of jailing Markoa, his father had him beaten again and dragged out of the royal courtrooms, and told never to set foot on his lands under pain of death. Markoa limped away, vowing to show his father that even a bastard can make a name for himself in this world. Once outside, Ouray returned to his arm and Markoa made his way to the castle armory. He stole a host of arms and made his way out to live off the land until he figured out a way to find fortune and glory. That is when he heard the call for adventurer’s needed to carve out a piece of the wilds.

A country that will rival Brevory. Markoa smiled.

Markoa Surtova

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