Malgorzata Niska

A tall thin middle aged woman with thick frizzy salt and pepper hair and ample bosom.


Goody Niska is a respected midwife. She was also the leader of the Gyronnan cult. As far as can be determined she and her acolytes to one degree or another coerced pregnant women all over the Kamelands who also were in a relationship with men of…questionable backgrounds, especially where women were concerned, to drink a “medicine” that seems to have possibly affected their children or killed mother and/or child, or possibly switched the newborn with quislings. There is no way to tell and that may even be a final slander on the cults behalf for household accidents and infanticide have been reported on the rise since the inquisition and trials.

What is known is that “Goody” Niska seemed to know a great deal about the men of Narlmarch and that her hanging corpse in Meereover drew neither flies nor carrion eaters. It is also known that there were many women who may have been part of a cult that tends to draw River Kingdoms women for no other purpose than to give the abused and wronged a place to commiserate but had no knowledge of the more nefarious and loathsome dealings of it inner covens that swung by limbs and gallows all over Narlmarch.

One doesn’t have to wonder what would draw women to see persecution and adversity everywhere or how that feeling could be subverted by Gyronna’s flock.

Malgorzata Niska

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