Happs Bydon

Happs Bydon is a squat muscular Rostlander with dark hair and goatee that frames a glowering cruel-eyed face. His clothes are generally patched and grimy leathers with a camouflaged cloak and a suit of living dark briar armor.


Male Human from Restov
Ranger 3/Fighter 2/Rogue 1
Lawful Evil worshipper of Norgorber

STR: muscular in the chest with lean legs
DEX: excellent eye-hand coordination
CON: tough as nails
INT: not into thinking as a rule
WIS: cunning
CHR: foul mouthed and crude

FORT: knows how to take a hit
REFL: knows how to roll with the blows
WILL: knows nothing but desire and hate

Init: very quick to act especially in the forest Move: 30’
HD[hp]: thick bodied and trained to withstand pain, hardship and wounds
AC: ?? Flat: ?? Touch: ??
Armor: He is wrapped in spiked brambles, is quick on his feet, and knows how to NOT open himself up to attack when maneuvering on the battlefield.

Happs has a short sword and a skinning dagger hanging off his belt should he need to get into melee combat.

Happs carries a beautiful composite longbow fitted with his trademarked black shafted and red hawk feather fletched arrows. He is well trained in its use in combat and can let arrows fly even as he moves from point to point. Many of the arrows he carries are specially created to produce alchemical effects and one of them is unlike the others with a skin wrapped bone shaft, arrowhead of teeth and fletching that looks like pointed ears.
Feats(3 + 3): In addition to his combat training, Happs can track his quarry and is unhindered by difficult situations and environments
Lang (0): Common
Skills(24 + 6)(Ranks/Bonus): Happs is skilled in physical athletics and outdoorsmanship as well as strong-arming people to threaten them.
Abilities: Happs is at home in the forest and when he is swiftly moving therein hunting his favorite prey, men, he is at his happiest. Happs is also quite skilled at trapwork and combat anatomy having skinned many an enemy. He knows little that he fears.
Gear: “Briar’s Embrace” enchanted studded spiked leather armor of shadow that looks like it’s made of living briar, camouflage cloak, MW comp. longbow of + 2 strength, short sword, dagger, 2 quivers: 1 with 20 arrows with black shafts and red hawk fletching, the other with a variety of special alchemical arrows and a gruesome bone and skin arrow, pack and bedroll,


Happs is a cruel and foul-mouthed man who turned to banditry after he was caught running a protection racket in Restov while also, in theory, serving as a soldier and city guard. He fled the city when he learned that the law was coming after him, abandoning his wife and two children to suffer the shame of his crimes. He found that banditry agreed with him – he quite enjoys the outdoors, and tumbling with Kressel was nice as well while she lived. He never met the Stag Lord but it was all for nothing when his crew was slaughtered by a group of adventurers and he was taken into custody to face his crimes. He escaped when removed from the midden pit that he had been thrown into to await transport to Restov and ran for the woods. Happs barely survived but ran into a few other members of the Stag Lord’s gang also on the run. They fled north and came upon a family farm where they killed the husband and settled in, eating what they wanted and taking advantage of the wife, daughter and young son until fellow travelers consisting of a skinsaw cult of Norgorber came upon the farm as directed by Father Skinsaw who sacrificed the children and a couple of the bandits to their dark god. Needless to say Happs was seduced by their words and power and joined them soon building a new cult and bandit gang to ravage the Narlmarch Forest. It is during the winter of 4700 that Bydon discovered that the Stag Lord had been killed and replaced with a kingdom ruled by the very same people who had captured him and killed his lover Kressel. Bydon robbed and murdered as much as he could until a pitched battle forced Bydon to flee back to the cult losing a large number of his forces. Happs has vowed to murder these people gaining revenge, renewed wealth, and the blessings of Father Skinsaw.

Happs Bydon

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