As the Ravens Gather

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The unsettling gloom during midday left the Master of the Fortress’s eyes cast in darkness as he looked out into the deep blue-black sky. The sun marred by a dark occlusion cast the great forest around him into an unnatural gloom allowing the brighter stars to shine. The room was a flurry of activity as acolytes and attendants packed up the most important of records and items for the transports in the busy courtyard below. Sevyrithae, his assistant and nephew, approached from behind him.

“The Magisters report that the link is made and the Evithra’Sovyrian will be ready in hours. However, the First Magister says that the Stone’s power is great and causing the Evith to weaken the curtain between worlds around it.”

The Master did not turn around but nodded his awareness of the statement as he continued to stare at the impending doom that seemed no more than a dark cloud in a summer sky.

“Master….Uncle, the Seer wishes me to pass a seeing to you.” The lad momentarily shifted to stand like a student before a teacher and recited.

“The fabric of the world will be torn with a needle, first and prime will become one.
The upstart will tend a garden of aspirations that will bring suffering and draw war.
A crow will pick at the dead and darkness will cover thought and ravens will gather, growing fat and numerous.
A gardener grows the bramble but is wounded by the briar.
Forsaken blood, dishonored blood, destiny’s blood, tainted blood, the blood of war. They may bind the tear or rend the fabric asunder.”

The older elf turned his gaze to the preparations underway below to think and then turned towards his kin slowly. The boy’s eagerness at the journey ahead caused him to bounce on his toes from time to time, his mother’s trait as well. The Master was no less eager to leave but more aware of the destruction impending upon Golarion and he mourned for its coming pain.

“There is little we can do. Inform the First Magister that the last of our people will be leaving within the hour to join them at the Evithra’Sovyrian. Now let us gather our own things my nephew and prepare to leave our home and pray that whatever this blood soaked world that Golarion will become will be one that we wish to return to.”

In -5293AR Earthfall struck and darkness covered a wounded world soon after. Age replaced age replaced age and men tried to conquer the empty lands surrounding the Greenbelt but were turned back again and again. Humans settled around it and handfuls of the bravest or most lost found refuge within it but the lands that would become the Stolen Lands proved daunting and dangerous. Throughout this expanse were places where few mortals dared entering and those that did emerge were changed. Fae danced within ancient groves, servants of outer gods sacrificed beneath gibbous moons and the rocks and green whispered of Powers that walked the land.

In 4710 AR, during a period of instability, the Lord Mayor of Restov and Rostland Ioseph Sellemius ostensively under the auspices of the King Noleski Surtova of Brevoy, embarked upon yet another attempt to settle the Stolen Lands.

This is the story of the men and women who attempted what great nations and monstrous alliances could not.

Begun in June of 2010 the heroes of this tale have grown and evolved a story that includes characters from all over the Stolen Lands and beyond. The story however focuses on our heroes and how they have brought not just civilization and order to these lawless lands but a measure of redemption for many of the people within it.

Kingmaker - As the Ravens Gather

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