Kingmaker - As the Ravens Gather

Session 3 – To Love and Die in the Kamelands

03 – 06.Gozran.4710
04.Gozran (Wealday) – After traveling through the eastern edge of the Narlmarch Forest for a day and half the scouts, Markoa and Zebulon Pike, came upon the bandit’s camp at a natural ford in the Thorn River. Within they spied a good number of bandits who had been setting up a more permanent camp and seemed to be led by the woman that Oleg and Svetlana had described. The bold rough woman was ordering her men around when the party sniped a few bandits and then entered melee until many harrowing moments later the leader, Kressle, and a bandit named Regik remained alive and captured and another bandit had escaped into the woods.
During the night Kressle escaped her bonds and tried to sucker punch Markoa but the quick half-elf avoided the blow and knocked her out cold once again.
05. (Oathday) – Later, in the wee morning hours during his watch, Zebulon charmed the bandit leader into believing that he would join her and the Stag Lord’s gang. The two slipped out of camp and while Kressle obviously didn’t fully trust the young man she led him through the woods at a hard pace escaping together.
Markoa heard the whole exchange between the two fleeing people and told the rest of his fellows when they awoke at dawn. The group discussed the situation and it was decided that the group would split up the next day and trust in Zebulon’s plan.
06. (Fireday) – A cloudy sky found Brother Zero and Sue herding the bandit Regik as they headed back northeast to Oleg’s to resupply and Markoa tracking the fleeing couple with Corbin in tow. Kressle, an accomplished woodswoman, had covered her tracks well. She pushed Zeb and herself hard and after putting a good distance between herself and the rest of the party while leaving a false trail or two and growing more trusting of Zebulon the two took a break atop Bald Rock, a natural high point lookout, where the two camped and “rested” for the night.
Markoa found himself using every skill he had ever been taught to follow the pair and Corbin tailing after through the undergrowth and briar in his armor. The heroes did find themselves misled back into the Thorn River and the briar, nettles, and biting insects that are the hallmarks of the river. Markoa and Corbin were forced to camp there amid the bugs and soggy soil.
07. (Starday) – The couds moved on leaving the Stolen Lands clear and cool. Brother Zero, Sue and Regik finally reached Oleg’s Trading Post and discovered that newcomers had arrived. In response to the request for help the Oleg had sent had come three Brevic soldiers and their moody and morose commander Kestan Garess. Kestan discussed refurbishing the catapults with Brother Zero and took the bandit criminal, Regik, into custody. Zero and Sue sold their booty to Oleg and placed an order for items that would be delivered by the caravans in a week. Sue sold his moon radishes to Svetlana who wished to cook something special for Oleg and seemed guilty about something.
Corbin and Markoa made their way back to their trail and returned to the Thorn River camp. They claimed the camp and awaited the return of the dwarven inquisitor and the half-ogre warrior before going to kill the Stag Lord and recover their teammate Zebulon Pike.
Zebulon awoke with Kressle and the two set off down the Thorn River and until it emptied into the Shrike River. They then followed the Shrike River for a few hours when Kressle noticed something ahead and slipped into the woods off the road. A moment later a huntsman walked into Zebulon. Thinking that Zebulon was a bandit from the Stag Lord’s fort he tried to run but Kressle had silently come out of the woods behind him. Carl, the hunter, took a step back but as Zebulon tumbled into a position where he could interpose himself Kressle buried one of her axes into the hunter’s chest. Zebulon, caught in a difficult position, made a choice and slid his rapier into Kressle’s heart. Carl leaned on Zebulon’s shoulder and led the youth back to his hidden cabin where he used a stashed healing potion and talked with Zebulon about the predations and dangers of the Stag Lord.

Session 2 - An Ogre Named Sue

30 Pharast – 03 Gozran 4710
30.Pharast (Starday) – Midmorning of the following cloudy but pleasant mid-Spring day a group of travelers entered Oleg’s Trading Post and climbed off their horses stretching and knocking the dust from their bodies. Corbin, suited in armor and bearing the holy symbol of Gorum merely wiped the dust from the blade of his greatsword before sheathing it. The young man named Zebulon Pike dropped from the saddle and began to slap himself all over trying to clean himself off catching the sight of Svetlana Leveton, the post owner’s wife, whose eyes lingered on the handsome youth until she was startled by the third rider who was as a giant. Sue turned toward Oleg as he approached and the gruff post owner was taken aback from the half-ogre’s appearance. Svetlana also gasped but then asked the traveler’s what their business was and when she discovered that the mayor of Restov had sent these men she erroneously assumed that they were the assistance that Oleg had requested revealed the problems that have plagued them since arriving. While Oleg stays silent and looks angry and ashamed Svetlana told the story of how local bandits following a leader known as the Stag Lord have been extorting the trading post for goods and gold under the threat of violence to the fort. It began three month ago when a large band led by a woman named Kressle arrived and threatened to burn the fort down unless Oleg turned over most of his wealth and every month since a smaller and smaller crew has returned to obtain their payment led by a leader sent by Kressle named Happs Bydon. The newly arrived three as well as Markoa and Zero agree to undertake ending this situation. That afternoon Markoa and Zebulon Pike decided to go exploring around the outpost during which the decide to hunt the deer that are in the area soon finding themselves in the dark. The two of them encounter a intermittent fey light that begins to hunt them and while the two try to shoot the light they find their weapons ineffectual. Markoa and Zebulon decide discretion is the better part of valor and flee to the post in the dark.
01.Gozran (Sunday) – The newly formed party discussed a plan and in the predawn light set themselves and their plan up and didn’t need to wait long before Bydon and the bandits arrived just after dawn. There was a sudden and pitched battle but it didn’t last long and soon the bandits were dead and Bydon was captured. Bydon was thrown into a midden and the party gathered their supplied and headed off to track the bandits back to their camp. The group rode through the grasslands and camped by waterhole for the night. During the late night hours the fey light came upon them and began to circle the camp moving near and far causing the group to grow concerned until it suddenly appeared and began to attack them. All would have been lost had a strange older man hadn’t stumbled into the camp with an addled look in his eyes and saved the group with a strange liquid that killed the will o’the whisp. The hedge mage named Bokken complained at losing some strange liquid that he seemed to be (or thought that he) was collecting from the whisp but then revealed that he was looking for some strange alchemical components and if the traveler’s found them he would reward them when they brought the items to his cottage near to Oleg’s Post.
02.Gozran (Moonday) – The party awoke to a fair pleasant spring day and Bokken gone. In little time the group entered the Narlmarch Forest with its old growth trees and often thick undergrowth. In the afternoon the group noticed that they were passing a large wild clearing filled with strange vegetables called moon radishes and that there were kobolds harvesting the crop. The adventurers moved in to investigate but soon found the kobolds were very possessive of the plants and went on the offensive immediately. In addition the little creatures had filled the grove with traps and the party soon found themselves battling wasps, spikes and foot traps in addition to kobolds that hid among the large leaves of the radishes. In time, in spite of how annoying and frustrating the kobold proved to be, the group finally killed the last of the creatures and Sue gathered a large number of the plants thinking they might be worth something.
The party pressed on further southwest through the Narlmarch.

Session 1 - Once upon a time...

26.Pharast.4710 – Toilday
Brother Zero, the dwarven inquisitor, and Markoa, the human woodsman, entered the village of Hallow’s End on the South Rostland Road out of Restov. They were having a meal in the Plowshare Inn when a local farmer named Tinneas who was looking for help. When plowing their fields Tinneas and his sons discovered a buried stone capped pit which, when uncovered and opened, opened onto a room. Tinneas peered inside but didn’t enter fearing that the tomb was cursed. Instead he sought to find help to discover what lay within. Markoa and Brother Zero assured him that they would help and soon found themselves within the tomb.
The heroes ended their exploration and returned to Tinneas and Alona’s, his wife, home for the night.

27 – Wealday
A bright sunny day found Markoa and Zero descending again into Perivax’s Tomb. While the heroes were deep in the most dangerous portions of the tomb Tinneas’ family was beset by a group of bandits led by Fillian Treebane. Treebane had been leaning heavily upon the local farmers in order to accumulate the tribute not only to gain entry to a large bandit organization to the south but to impress their leader, the Stag Lord. Brother Zero and Markoa were forced to complete searching the tomb under threat of violence to Tinneas’ family and came to outwit and outfight the bandits killing most of them and capturing Fillian who was thrown into the empty but dangerous tomb to await trial. Markoa and Zero spend the night with Tinneas’ family and were given all the supplies that they could carry.

28 – Oathday
Brother Zero and Markoa headed out to continue down the South Rostland Road but as the day progressed Zero began to feel more and more unwell until the two decided to camp early and continue the rest of the way to the trading post they were headed for in the morning.

29 – Fireday
Brother Zero and Markoa finally made it to Oleg’s Trading Post as clouds gathered in the sky. Oleg Leveton, the owner, was a gruff and surly but obviously pleased that Brevoy had sent someone to help him. His wife, Svetlana, was young, pretty and concerned with Zero’s illness hastening him to bed as Markoa became familier with the surroundings and hearing Oleg’s tale over dinner while Zero slept.


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