Kingmaker - As the Ravens Gather

Session 6 – The Rise of the Raven and the Fall of the Stag

25.Gozran – 04.Desnus.4710

25.Gozran (Wealday) – The day dawned cool and bright as another small gathering of travelers appeared over the horizon following the road amid a cloud of dust and flies that trailed after the loosely gathered horsemen and the large four-horse carriage. It was a battered refurbished thing with extra springs that did less for a smooth ride and more towards threatening to throw the thing off balance and doors with no covers for the windows so that much of the dust cloud that the wheels and horses kicked up could be seen billowing into and out of the small windows. The grimy contraption was driven by a pair of gnomes who were completely hidden by goggles, long coats, wide hats and bandanas who were perched upon the driver’s seat amid levers and rods that allowed the short creatures to control beasts and vehicle. Upon the roof was a small hill of chests, baggage and parcels covered by a tarpaulin.

Session 5 – Under the Sycamore

13 – 24.Gozran.4710

13.Gozran (Fireday) – Rain and wind lashed at the party as horses and booty was gathered and healing administered by those who could with what they had left. Falgrin Sneed was bound for transport while Topper Red was vouched for by Zebulon Pike. The rain increased to such a degree that everyone retired to Carl Hunter’s cabin to rest the evening.

Session 4 - The Stag Lord, Confronted

08 – 12.Gozran.4710
08.Gozran (Sunday) – A cloudy day found Brother Zero, Sue and Regik travelling quickly through the fields to the Narlmarch Forest and entered the woods without a problem. As night descended and the sky released a deluge of water the party set up camp and settled in for the night.
Corbin and Markoa waited at the camp gathering supplies and building some makeshift shelters.

09. (Moonday) – During the early morning hours the camp was visited by a walking mass of vegetation that seemed to be seeking meat to decompose within it. The three rose and fought the creature as best they could but Sue came close to dying and Brother Zero decided the best case was to run. Given no other choice they pressed on to the Thorn River camp through the rain and their fatigue.
The bedraggled three entered the camp and tended to as the day progressed and the rain abated. Markoa discovered during a scouting that someone had been spying on the camp. The group now more rested and back together decided to press on and Markoa followed the tracks of the bandit that had escaped their attack on the camp a few days ago. By evening the five had reached the a rickety bridge that spanned the Thorn River and decided to camp on the north side braving the weak span.

10. (Toilday) – The next morning the group moved further on picking up on the obscured tracks of the bandit that they were following until they finally got close and Markoa and Sue decided to sneak into the forest to capture the man. Markoa slipped quietly into the scrub and moved towards the man. Sue…did not so much as slip into the woods as create a commotion and dispensed with stealth to plow into the woods towards the alerted man. The bandit tried to fire arrows at the half-ogre barreling towards him and at Markoa who revealed himself with his own ranged fire but he soon fell to the heroes dying to Sue’s powerful attack.
The scout dispatched the group moved on hoping that they would find Zebulon alive at the Stag Lord’s fort. A mile or two down the road along the Shrike River the group was approached by a hunter named Carl that had been keeping an eye out for the party as he had promised Zebulon.
Zebulon spent his days amongst the bandits making connections, learning secrets and keeping away from the bandits that scared him or were suspicious. The bandits, especially the more antisocial ones, would want to test his dedication and willingness to be violent so Zebulon avoided them as best he could but soon learned that he had been chosen by the Stag Lord to go on a raid of the local homesteads in the morning.

11. (Wealday) – After spending the night with Carl the group started out early and laid a trap in the path with concealed pits.
The Stag Lord rode out of his fort with a crew that morning. In a few miles up the Shrike River path the bandits found some of their horses falling in spiked pits. A pitched battle ensued with both sides fighting for their lives. Auchs, the brute, almost killed Sue but was finally slain and Sue healed by Corbin. Markoa’s bowmanship was more accurate than the Stag Lord’s own rapid firing. The sadists Ayles and Jeb found justice by Brother Zero’s zeal and Sue’s might while Markoa’s sure aim and Corbin’s holy fury brought justice to most of the rest of the bandits. Zebulon turned his allegiance back to his friends and was able to convince Topper Red to lay down his arms and surrender. Nonny, however, refused and was laid low. Well, as low as the fat man could get. Falgrim Sneed was also laid low but Corbin healed him enough that he would survive to face justice in Restov. The Stag Lord was pressed to the breaking point and finally turned tail and leapt into the Shrike River. The group ran to the edge of the ridge and felt their victory getting away but Sue would have none of it. The half-ogre soldier set his brow with determination and, with a running leap, followed the Stag Lord into the swollen Shrike River. The river, swollen with spring melt, carried the two down its rapids smashing the two against rocks and trees or trying to drown them with undertow and whitewater. Both men were endangered but in the end both carried through to their end. Sue pulled himself to the bank of the river hundreds of yards down the river and the Stag Lord was washed out into the Tuskwater and onto shore. Dragging himself to his knees the Stag Lord roared and beat the pebbled beach as he dripped upon the shore. Betrayed, beaten, and made to run the Stag Lord knew the interlopers were soon to follow him down the road. He pulled himself to his feet and soon was running to his fort. They would go there and he would be waiting. The Stag Lord cursed himself for not listening to the Snitch. It wasn’t his fault. He hadn’t gotten the liquor that Kressle had promised him. Kressle, the man killed him with fury. If she wasn’t dead already she would be when he finished with these…. Who were these people? Agent of Brevoy? …Pitax? Rival bandits? Hired mercenaries?
Dead men that is what they were going to be when he was through with them. He was the Stag Lord and his Dream was counting on him. She told him that he was a man of power now and he would not fail Her. He needed to have all the Stolen Lands under his control and then She would be his Queen.
The Stag Lord reached the fort and had the gates sealed behind him. In moments he was raging before his remaining lieutenants while calls went out for any remaining bandits to return to the fort as fast as possible. As night fell the Stag Lord descended into the cellar as drunk as he could make himself and still be conscious. The Stag Lord still didn’t like seeing the Old Man but he was no longer afraid and the Old Man would have advice and counsel from his prayers. The Old Man would never tell him what to do again but he would have advice and the Stag Lord needed it now. He needed to know how to kill Zebulon Pike and his new friends.

Zebulon's Experience

You walk about 4 hours and reach the mouth of the Shrike River where you see the waters of the Tuskwater which is generally sided here by bluffs and cliffs. On the west bank of the Shrike is a rise with a fort surrounded by a palisade. The stone fort is a crumbled ruin of what might have been a stacked stone church or monastery that has obviously been worked on but still is in a state of disrepair. There is a central tower and three watch towers surrounded by a 15’ palisade with a main gate. There is a path that winds its way up to the gates which, from a cryptic snide comment by Kressle, you gather that straying off the path to climb the briar choked boulder strewn rise would be bad. However, the three guards walking the walkways constructed around the watchtowers don’t seem to be scanning the hill at all but see you walking up the path right away. At the gate one of them calls down,

“By St. Gilmorg, who goes there?”

You answer,
“By the bloody bones of St. Gilmorg, who wants to know?”

The gates then open and you are greeted by a small courtyard that has a large quantity of water barrels stored about and horses tied up nearby. Two men run out of the building ahead as the three men on the 15’ palisade aim arrows down at you and shut the gates behind you. The two men before you, one quite fat and one with red hair, have short swords drawn (and the fat one has a half-eaten pigeon in his other hand as well) but they don’t advance too close looking instead at your stag head amulet that you wear (either you took one from another bandit or took Kressle’s). A short thin dark featured, dark haired, tattooed young man with a rapier walks up behind them and starts to question anything you say but falls very quiet and maybe even expectant of violence when a large muscled man with a deer skull helmet that covers his face walks out of the ruin and stares at you.

“You have my liquor?” he asks in a rough, gravel voice laced with drunken slur.

You obviously don’t but he nods and glowers when he either notices that you don’t (takes a bit) or you when you tell him (which you have to do twice, slowly and clearly).

“Who hired you?” he then asks now looking at you with bloodshot eyes that are quivering with a sudden bloodlust.

When you mention Kressle’s name the Stag Lord barks a guttural laugh and shakes his head as he turns back to the ruin saying to himself more than anyone else,
“Always another young cock for that bitch.”

As the Stag Lord leaves a bearded graying middle-aged man with substantial bearing, well cared for chainmail and longsword, and both the Stag Lord’s amulet and a silver holy symbol of Erastil walks onto the scene and looks at you closely, intently. He softly orders Red to show you around. The man then looks at you intently and then seems to get lost in his own thoughts and walks away. You are given the general highlights (few) and introductions to the others (fewer still) about the place as the young red head introduces himself to you.

In the course of the night Topper Red tells you all sorts of things. He shines to you instantly. You’re obviously young like him, personable, and it’s easy to use your charm to stoke his ego. Plus there’s beer at dinner. Everything is from his point of view; the others tend to either bait you, mock you as Kressle’s toy, or ignore your presence.

Topper Red – A young man of dark red hair, short scruffy beard and grey-blue eyes Topper’s clothes and leathers have definitely seen better days. His belt holds a wooden flute (like a recorder really) and he seems to like his beer. Topper is friendly enough, talks a lot and tends to punctuate his conversation with back clapping and snippets of songs that you think he just doesn’t remember all the words to.

“I’m living free in this world. I comes from Pitax but there was a woman see and a bit o’a misunderstanding that forced me to leave that humdrum boring world o’towns and cities behind. Good blessing of Cayden that! To seek my fortune out here as a brigand, what a life! The danger, the wenchin’, the riches and glory; can you think of anything more worthy of a great poet like myself?

The Stag Lord – “What’s there ta say? He’s the boss. He’s strong as a dragon, mean as a bush thyl’ine, and lately drunk ‘nuff to kill any other man. He use ta be better but we’re still successful and there’s no man who’d cross ‘im and live so…
You just ‘member to follow yer orders, wait fer yer share, and don’ touch ‘is liquor. That deer skull? Might well be ‘is face as he never takes it off nor is seen wit’out it; and don’ you be tryin’ to look either ‘cause he’s killed men fer tryin’’

Fat Nonny – “He’s just slightly smaller than Auchs but a darn bit smarter (which isn’t much) and likes a good bit of story and performance. Huh, how’d he find that bit of fish to eat? I haven’t a guess. He’s always eating but the gods have me if I know where he gets it from.”

Falgrim Sneed - “He’s some old Varisian man.”
Topper points to a man walking the wall. Middle-aged but definitely muscled and scarred with thin gray hair and a beard flecked with black.
“Came outta the north from Restov I think. Doesn’t talk much but definitely has soldierin’ in his past. Strangely calm when things get crazy or bloody. Spooky really.”

Jex the Snitch – “He’s the Stag Lord’s gem,” Topper whispers sarcastically about a rattish greasy man nearby, “he is. His name says it all so don’t be caught makin’ mistakes when the Snitch is about. I’m thinkin’ he might have a ‘orrible accident some day, least that my hope.”

Dirty Jeb – “Ohhhh he’s all dangerous in a fight and all.” Topper says with sarcasm and a pantomime of being scared.
“Yeah, dangerous only to yer nose and don’t stand too nears him lest you wish to harbor a herds worth o’lice courtesy of Jeb. He’s Ayles’ brother but otherwise not even close to Ayles in tough. Still, he fights well ‘nuff.”

Ayles Megesen – “He’s true tough and scary and you should gives him a wide berth. He is too quiet for my tastes and when we hit a place or travelers he stays behind to hurt people, or worse, brings them with him to hurt here. I hate that, I can’t leave with the others and not listen when he brings ‘em here. Ismort hasn’t let him do that lately, Erastil bless him.”

Cragger Kench – “Sad that one. Used to be a cutpurse or some such somewhere, got caught drinkin’ the Stag Lord’s personal libations (see the big words he can use). The Lord beat him senseless and he’s been almost as thick as the Auchs since. Poor sod. Now there’s a lesson ya should keep close, don’t touch or take what is rightfully the Lord’s.”

“You might get in trouble for some infarction of summin’ and with the Snitch about it’s easy. You get punished dependin’ on which of the lieuten’ts are about. Extra duty, bad chores, and such but you steal from the Lord…”

“There’s this…there was these guys Shem and Dev. Now Shem was a pisser but Dev’s was a decent sort, nice ‘nuff guy. The two o’thems was lovers, not that I understand such ‘n such, but they were. Two o’ them hit a rich wizard travelling here abouts. They gathered his things and hid them somewheres. Shem comes back inta the fort with the intent to sneak out but the Stag Lord, he knows Shem’s crossin’ him so he has Auchs grab him and Auchs and Ayles hurt him, torture him for days tryin’ to get Shem to tell where the goods are or where Dev is. Shem doesn’t say a word. Oh he screams alright but tells ‘em nothing. Finally the Stag Lord, he’s had enough and he takes Shem and hooks him on the wall with meathooks through the back and Ayles slits his gut and strings Shem’s guts about the top o’the walls. Shem, he screams and moans and passes out but the Stag Lord, he gets that freak old man from below and he heals Shem. Day in and day out, rats, crows, and bugs all over the poor sap and every night that scary old man heals ‘im.”
Red takes a long draught of beer and clears his throat.

The Old Man – “Who ‘im? He’s a mystery he is. Stays down in the cellar and generally don’t come up. I don’ know if he stays there ‘cause he wants or is kept there but the Stag Lord hates ‘im and listens to ‘im and won’t let a man raise a hand to ‘im; and he’s a scary demon to be sure. He can heal us when we need it but there isn’t a man, Ayles included, who won’t suffer for a few days more an heal natural rather than go below and let the creature touch us. Calls on Gozreh but I thinks he’s possessed by a dark fey. Happens in these parts as there’s so many o’em.”

“Anyway, days go by and he finally passes. Gods keep him. Ismort gets the Lord to agree to dump the corpse inna hole ‘cause of disease he says. Thank the gods; I don’t know if I could walk the gangways seeing Shem hang there like that.”

Topper is quiet for a while and needs a beer or two more to continue.
“So speakin’ of lieuten’ts there’s three.

Auchs – “He’s a lumbering lummox with a cruel streak a league wide and he likes torture as well as Ayles. Came with Dovan. Dovan saved his life somehow and Auchs is beholden’ but lately he’s, Auchs that is, been shinin’ onto Ismort. Might be good, Dovan mocks the thick sod and uses him to stay in power. ‘Sides Dovan likes to keep the Stag Lord as watered as possible and that makes his Lordship difficult to work for.”

Dovan – “He’s from Nisroch from what I’ve heard. Other than that I don’t know much. Kinda citified and he likes being mean and cruel. Fights well with that rapier when he does fight which is usually only when he’s scanned the battle some. He has Auchs eatin’ out of his hand.”

Akiros Ismort – “Now there’s a puzzle. A holy of Erastil once but no more, that’s for sure. Some heavy reason back in Taldor ta blame. Quiet, broods a lot. Moody and thoughtful a lot too but he has a presence. Stag Lord was taken with his faith (not that I suspect that he has much o’that left) and his bearin’. Made him second on the spot, Dovan’s right pissed. Good. Ismort’s a good commander when he puts an effort innit.
I get the ‘pression that he’s not happy with this life which I cannit understand. I mean the adventure and all! How can a body not see the grandness of it!? You know, you live it too. “
“I’m here just waitin’ to get enough money for the next adventure. See, Taldor sent a bunch’a colonists here ta settle the Stolen Lands. They failed but not for want of resources. There’s rumor of some old and abandoned mines about somewhere lost in the Kamelands. Bein’ a brigand helps me explore while I collect a fund ta start somethin’. Somes even believe that there’s gold in them hills. You prove yerself and maybe you can join me.”

You definitely get the impression that the others are watching you. You are doing a late guard duty when Ismort joins you out on the wall for a while. He stares off into the dark ignoring any attempts at conversation because he’s distracted or on purpose. A while later he asks only,
“Why did you come here?”

Zebulon looks at Ismort for awhile, then smiles.

“I imagine the same as most people around here. Things weren’t working out for me back home so I headed for the Stolen Lands where I hoped my problems wouldn’t follow me. Once I got out here, it didn’t take me long to hear about the Stag Lord and the operation he was running. And it seems like the only way to survive out here is to stand next to someone powerful.”

[I’m trying my damndest to win this guy over so I’ll make a roll here. Going word for word, what I said is actually all true although I’m trying to tap into what Red told me about Ismort not liking this life by implying it was forced on me. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether the roll should be Diplomacy or Bluff; my modifiers are the same.

ROLL: 14 +8 +1 vs. brigands=23

If he asks me further questions, I will tell him everything I’ve done up ‘til my accepting the commission from the Sword Lords, but I will imply that I was forced into working for Wood because I didn’t know how else to survive. Let me know if you need another roll. If I can improve his attitude, I’ll keep it going. I’ll try to find out about him, asking first about his faith, then his background.]

When Zebulon is not on watch, he will find a quiet spot that’s not in the middle of camp but close enough that people would notice, and he’ll “fiddle” with his guitar, i.e. pretend like he’s just messing around but in fact trying to lay it down, hopefully making some friends or at least soothing tensions. [He definitely is NOT trying to be “that guy at the campfire”. I’ll throw you two rolls, one for the playing and one for the bluffing to look like he’s being nonchalant.

Session 3 – To Love and Die in the Kamelands

03 – 06.Gozran.4710
04.Gozran (Wealday) – After traveling through the eastern edge of the Narlmarch Forest for a day and half the scouts, Markoa and Zebulon Pike, came upon the bandit’s camp at a natural ford in the Thorn River. Within they spied a good number of bandits who had been setting up a more permanent camp and seemed to be led by the woman that Oleg and Svetlana had described. The bold rough woman was ordering her men around when the party sniped a few bandits and then entered melee until many harrowing moments later the leader, Kressle, and a bandit named Regik remained alive and captured and another bandit had escaped into the woods.
During the night Kressle escaped her bonds and tried to sucker punch Markoa but the quick half-elf avoided the blow and knocked her out cold once again.
05. (Oathday) – Later, in the wee morning hours during his watch, Zebulon charmed the bandit leader into believing that he would join her and the Stag Lord’s gang. The two slipped out of camp and while Kressle obviously didn’t fully trust the young man she led him through the woods at a hard pace escaping together.
Markoa heard the whole exchange between the two fleeing people and told the rest of his fellows when they awoke at dawn. The group discussed the situation and it was decided that the group would split up the next day and trust in Zebulon’s plan.
06. (Fireday) – A cloudy sky found Brother Zero and Sue herding the bandit Regik as they headed back northeast to Oleg’s to resupply and Markoa tracking the fleeing couple with Corbin in tow. Kressle, an accomplished woodswoman, had covered her tracks well. She pushed Zeb and herself hard and after putting a good distance between herself and the rest of the party while leaving a false trail or two and growing more trusting of Zebulon the two took a break atop Bald Rock, a natural high point lookout, where the two camped and “rested” for the night.
Markoa found himself using every skill he had ever been taught to follow the pair and Corbin tailing after through the undergrowth and briar in his armor. The heroes did find themselves misled back into the Thorn River and the briar, nettles, and biting insects that are the hallmarks of the river. Markoa and Corbin were forced to camp there amid the bugs and soggy soil.
07. (Starday) – The couds moved on leaving the Stolen Lands clear and cool. Brother Zero, Sue and Regik finally reached Oleg’s Trading Post and discovered that newcomers had arrived. In response to the request for help the Oleg had sent had come three Brevic soldiers and their moody and morose commander Kestan Garess. Kestan discussed refurbishing the catapults with Brother Zero and took the bandit criminal, Regik, into custody. Zero and Sue sold their booty to Oleg and placed an order for items that would be delivered by the caravans in a week. Sue sold his moon radishes to Svetlana who wished to cook something special for Oleg and seemed guilty about something.
Corbin and Markoa made their way back to their trail and returned to the Thorn River camp. They claimed the camp and awaited the return of the dwarven inquisitor and the half-ogre warrior before going to kill the Stag Lord and recover their teammate Zebulon Pike.
Zebulon awoke with Kressle and the two set off down the Thorn River and until it emptied into the Shrike River. They then followed the Shrike River for a few hours when Kressle noticed something ahead and slipped into the woods off the road. A moment later a huntsman walked into Zebulon. Thinking that Zebulon was a bandit from the Stag Lord’s fort he tried to run but Kressle had silently come out of the woods behind him. Carl, the hunter, took a step back but as Zebulon tumbled into a position where he could interpose himself Kressle buried one of her axes into the hunter’s chest. Zebulon, caught in a difficult position, made a choice and slid his rapier into Kressle’s heart. Carl leaned on Zebulon’s shoulder and led the youth back to his hidden cabin where he used a stashed healing potion and talked with Zebulon about the predations and dangers of the Stag Lord.

Session 2 - An Ogre Named Sue

30 Pharast – 03 Gozran 4710
30.Pharast (Starday) – Midmorning of the following cloudy but pleasant mid-Spring day a group of travelers entered Oleg’s Trading Post and climbed off their horses stretching and knocking the dust from their bodies. Corbin, suited in armor and bearing the holy symbol of Gorum merely wiped the dust from the blade of his greatsword before sheathing it. The young man named Zebulon Pike dropped from the saddle and began to slap himself all over trying to clean himself off catching the sight of Svetlana Leveton, the post owner’s wife, whose eyes lingered on the handsome youth until she was startled by the third rider who was as a giant. Sue turned toward Oleg as he approached and the gruff post owner was taken aback from the half-ogre’s appearance. Svetlana also gasped but then asked the traveler’s what their business was and when she discovered that the mayor of Restov had sent these men she erroneously assumed that they were the assistance that Oleg had requested revealed the problems that have plagued them since arriving. While Oleg stays silent and looks angry and ashamed Svetlana told the story of how local bandits following a leader known as the Stag Lord have been extorting the trading post for goods and gold under the threat of violence to the fort. It began three month ago when a large band led by a woman named Kressle arrived and threatened to burn the fort down unless Oleg turned over most of his wealth and every month since a smaller and smaller crew has returned to obtain their payment led by a leader sent by Kressle named Happs Bydon. The newly arrived three as well as Markoa and Zero agree to undertake ending this situation. That afternoon Markoa and Zebulon Pike decided to go exploring around the outpost during which the decide to hunt the deer that are in the area soon finding themselves in the dark. The two of them encounter a intermittent fey light that begins to hunt them and while the two try to shoot the light they find their weapons ineffectual. Markoa and Zebulon decide discretion is the better part of valor and flee to the post in the dark.
01.Gozran (Sunday) – The newly formed party discussed a plan and in the predawn light set themselves and their plan up and didn’t need to wait long before Bydon and the bandits arrived just after dawn. There was a sudden and pitched battle but it didn’t last long and soon the bandits were dead and Bydon was captured. Bydon was thrown into a midden and the party gathered their supplied and headed off to track the bandits back to their camp. The group rode through the grasslands and camped by waterhole for the night. During the late night hours the fey light came upon them and began to circle the camp moving near and far causing the group to grow concerned until it suddenly appeared and began to attack them. All would have been lost had a strange older man hadn’t stumbled into the camp with an addled look in his eyes and saved the group with a strange liquid that killed the will o’the whisp. The hedge mage named Bokken complained at losing some strange liquid that he seemed to be (or thought that he) was collecting from the whisp but then revealed that he was looking for some strange alchemical components and if the traveler’s found them he would reward them when they brought the items to his cottage near to Oleg’s Post.
02.Gozran (Moonday) – The party awoke to a fair pleasant spring day and Bokken gone. In little time the group entered the Narlmarch Forest with its old growth trees and often thick undergrowth. In the afternoon the group noticed that they were passing a large wild clearing filled with strange vegetables called moon radishes and that there were kobolds harvesting the crop. The adventurers moved in to investigate but soon found the kobolds were very possessive of the plants and went on the offensive immediately. In addition the little creatures had filled the grove with traps and the party soon found themselves battling wasps, spikes and foot traps in addition to kobolds that hid among the large leaves of the radishes. In time, in spite of how annoying and frustrating the kobold proved to be, the group finally killed the last of the creatures and Sue gathered a large number of the plants thinking they might be worth something.
The party pressed on further southwest through the Narlmarch.

Session 1 - Once upon a time...

26.Pharast.4710 – Toilday
Brother Zero, the dwarven inquisitor, and Markoa, the human woodsman, entered the village of Hallow’s End on the South Rostland Road out of Restov. They were having a meal in the Plowshare Inn when a local farmer named Tinneas who was looking for help. When plowing their fields Tinneas and his sons discovered a buried stone capped pit which, when uncovered and opened, opened onto a room. Tinneas peered inside but didn’t enter fearing that the tomb was cursed. Instead he sought to find help to discover what lay within. Markoa and Brother Zero assured him that they would help and soon found themselves within the tomb.
The heroes ended their exploration and returned to Tinneas and Alona’s, his wife, home for the night.

27 – Wealday
A bright sunny day found Markoa and Zero descending again into Perivax’s Tomb. While the heroes were deep in the most dangerous portions of the tomb Tinneas’ family was beset by a group of bandits led by Fillian Treebane. Treebane had been leaning heavily upon the local farmers in order to accumulate the tribute not only to gain entry to a large bandit organization to the south but to impress their leader, the Stag Lord. Brother Zero and Markoa were forced to complete searching the tomb under threat of violence to Tinneas’ family and came to outwit and outfight the bandits killing most of them and capturing Fillian who was thrown into the empty but dangerous tomb to await trial. Markoa and Zero spend the night with Tinneas’ family and were given all the supplies that they could carry.

28 – Oathday
Brother Zero and Markoa headed out to continue down the South Rostland Road but as the day progressed Zero began to feel more and more unwell until the two decided to camp early and continue the rest of the way to the trading post they were headed for in the morning.

29 – Fireday
Brother Zero and Markoa finally made it to Oleg’s Trading Post as clouds gathered in the sky. Oleg Leveton, the owner, was a gruff and surly but obviously pleased that Brevoy had sent someone to help him. His wife, Svetlana, was young, pretty and concerned with Zero’s illness hastening him to bed as Markoa became familier with the surroundings and hearing Oleg’s tale over dinner while Zero slept.


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