Kingmaker - As the Ravens Gather

I'm finally going on leave!

Andsvarr buried his axe in the skull of another one of the demon filth streaming from The Worldwound.

“Take that ya bleedin’ bloody freak!” He reared Nashorn, his faithful whooly rhinoceros steed, around and scanned the battlefield for another one of those Abyss-spawned enemies. There! Just within chargin’ range. He spurred Nashorn, hefted his axe, and cried a call to Angradd, dwarven god of war. Nashorn knocked aside a score of lesser demons with his horn as Andsvarr concentrated on the huge demon which was cutting a swath through the Mendev troops like it was scything wheat. The demon tried to intercept the charging dwarf’s blow but the cavalier’s axe bit into the demon’s shoulder severing it from it’s body.

Andsvarr leaped off of the rhinoceros and began hacking at the demon’s legs while Nashorn stabbed at it with his horn. In short order, the duo slayed one of the last demon officer’s in the field.

“Well good buddy,” the dwarf cheerily. “Another victory for the good guys!”

Later on in the barracks.

“Mail Call!…. Colonel Andsvarr, letter from Brevory.” Andsvarr looked at the carrier questionably. “One Aethelia Linnormheart.” Still a look of confusion.

“Ohh just read the damned letter, Sir!” taunts one of his sergeants. Andsvarr snatches the letter from the carrier, rips it open, and reads. His eyes go wide.

“Me brother’s getting married! Boys, I’m finally going on leave!”


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