A warhammer of unknown metal with gold runes and sigil work upon the cheek, points upon the face and a spike on the peen. The haft is black steel and the handle is wrapped with black gorgonhide.

weapon (melee)

Aura: Strong Evocation(Divine); CL 13
Slot none; Price ; Weight 8 lbs.

Shattermallet destroys things, pure and simple. He always provides the abilities of the feat Smash (APG 170) and is + 1 warhammer. In the hands of one who is trained in Improved Sunder instead use Shattermallet as a + 4 warhammer when attempting to sunder an opponent’s armor or weapons and ignores 5 points of hardness as if the armor or weapon was unattended. Shattermallet can damage weapons with an enhancement bonus of + 4 or lower.



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