Gorum's Rage

This ancient blood stained axe has a worn black haft and dark metal etched with electrical scars and a gleaming razor-sharp edge. Drift too close and all of your senses faintly suggest that you are standing amidst a war and that the axe is enraged.

weapon (melee)

+ 1 keen battleaxe of thundering (10’ area 2d8 sonic Fort DC 18(fail by 5 or more and be deafened perm.)


This old battleaxe is rumored to have been used by Surtovas since their days as pirates centuries before the Conquerer came. Its handle is solid hickory and so sweat and blood stained, and salt encrusted that it appears almost solid black. The head of the axe is crude iron with an edge so sharp that it leaves cut marks within stone if left standing on its edge upon the surface but otherwise is pitted and stained by sea and slaughter. It is told that the axe was a gift from Gorum himself to a raider of the family that killed so many and so well that the Lord in Iron gave him a weapon worthy of a pirate of the man’s prowess to see what new heights of battle the raider could reach. Gorum was not disappointed and in time the blade was passed from person to person based not on leadership of the family but to the man or woman who was most skilled as the arts of war. Some fought brothers for it, some stole it and held it by force, some inherited it and some were granted it honorably but never has it been wielded successfully by one not of the blood and without prowess in battle, and never has it been lost to the Surtovas. Some have tried by force and guile to take it away but always they have been hunted and killed by force or guile. Any man not proven worthy enough to have wielded the blade at all have been struck deaf or killed outright by the rage of the axe.
After the Conquerer came and the family became a House of Brevoy is was decided that the tradition of the axe being given the most battle worthy member of the family should continue and through the centuries there have been few Surtovas who have been granted that honor and also been leaders of the House but any man or woman who has wielded the axe is accorded the respect worthy of a primogen of the House itself. Those who have wielded the axe say the axe has always sung in battle and that the honored wielder is immune to its thunderous calls but that in times past, to the greatest of the House, it has displayed wondrous powers seen but rarely since the Conquerer’s arrival. It is known that Holders of the axe can remember every battle they have fought while in possession of the axe as if they were really there.

Gorum's Rage

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