A Brother's Revenge

A blade of razor sharp lumpy black iron and cruel back-facing hook affixed to a hand whittled walnut haft. Delicate Draconic script is melted into the blade.

weapon (melee)

+ 2 fae-bane cold iron dwarven war-axe


The script holds an oath of revenge for a brother made by an accursed warlord of a long ago barbarian tribe long dead. Although the warlord was laid to rest in an impressive tomb along with his loyal guardsmen who fell in defense of their lord, the greedy brother who succeeded him through treachery claimed his fallen kin’s precious weapon, a paternal birthright, as his own, neglecting to bury the warlord with his trusty weapon. Angered at this blasphemy, the desecration of his remains and his brother’s betrayal brought upon him by his weak will and allegiance with a fae spirit, the warlord’s spirit rose as an undead menace not long after. He sought out the treacherous brother, and although the stolen weapon became broken in the fight that followed, the undead warlord succeeded in killing the brother and returned to this cairn with his reclaimed weapon; he has stood eternal guard over his tomb ever since.

A Brother's Revenge

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