Yorthath Cannablytock

A smartly dressed peach-skinned gnome in a bright blue suit with a waistcoat of mustard yellow who’s orange and yellow short hair is carefully slicked back. His large round eyes and bulbous nose are overshadowed by his very wide mouth that looks almost


Gnome Male Adult of Rickety Bridge
A merchant, innkeeper, de facto leader, toll taker for the bridge

STR: thin and slightly chubby, there’s little muscle to work with
DEX: nimble and quick
CON: healthy and enjoys a brisk walk
INT: cunning and analytical
WIS: sometimes attempts to reach higher or attempt more than is prudent
CHR: he’s such a wonderful new friend and you feel sorry for those who aren’t his friend, like you

FORT: exposures to many different substances has made him tougher
REFL: his body is quick and the energies that sometimes inhabit him are quicker
WILL: one has to have a strong will to be a leader and focus to work with alchemy

Init: + 1 Move: 20 ft.
HD/hp: he can’t be that tough
Armor: He is kind of small but otherwise he doesn’t wear anything but a suit

He has a gnome sized dagger of quality workmanship tucked in his belt.

He doesn’t seem to have any ranged weapon.

Lang He has been heard speaking: Common (Taldane), Gnome, Sylvan, Dwarven, Elven, Skald, Hallit, and Halfling


He owns the inn, general store, tavern, and runs a toll on the new “Rickety” bridge and a flock of 4 peacocks that wander around his inn.

Yorthath Cannablytock

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