Vimmis Blackpants

A focused dwarf with dark brown hair and beard that displays his lineage and honors with pride his calloused hands and deep tan speak of his work ethic. He is usually dressed in a unique leather apron that is scorched and scuffed and stuffed with tools.


Male Adult Dwarf from the Five Kings Mountains
Expert 4
Lawful Neutral worshipper of Torag

STR: Toned without an ounce of fat but not unusually strong
DEX: can get out of a bucking horses way but tends to meet actual danger head on
CON: clean living and hard work have made him tough
INT: full of the lessons of apprenticeships and the school of hard knocks
WIS: not especially wise
CHR: expressionless and not that responsive

FORT: a true dwarf doesn’t whine about spilt milk, hardship, broken limbs
REFL: halflings duck, elves evade, dwarves endure
WILL: with a mind like stone did you really think he would be charmed, really?
+ 2 vs. poison, spells, spell-like; + 1 vs. fear

Init: + 0 Move: 20 ft.
HD[hp]: solid for a craftsman

Armor: Normally nothing but a leather apron with cunning hidden metal plates within (as leather armor unless flatfoot or in flank). In battle a mw breastplate with small mw metal shield added.


In battle Vimmis uses a hand forged battleaxe and warhammer otherwise a smith’s hammer and a hand forged dagger suffice.


Vimmis owns a light crossbow.

Vimmis works wonders with animals and can earn good coin as a smith.

Lang (0 + 2): Dwarven, Taldane, Undercommon, Hallit

Skills(32 + 4)(Ranks/Bonus):
He is obviously skilled in metalcrafts, supply management, animal training, and carpentry.

Abilities: He’s a dwarf, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

Traits: A dwarf who has carried on through much hardship by forcing one foot in front of the other, one day after the next. Vimmis also bears a beard clasp that identifies him as a Deep Marker, one who has been somewhere deep and undiscovered and left his mark.


A man who moves, speaks, works and lives with an economy of energy. To a culturally aware dwarf his beard announces a man from an honorable family from the Five Kingdoms but while the clan runes are clear and distinguished the family runes are gouged out and Vimmis never goes by his surname. A dwarf and anyone knowing the dwarven tongue would know that such an act indicates that Vimmis’ family is dead and that he bears a shame because of it, to mention the fact to him is to remind him of that shame.
Watch Vimmis long enough and you will notice two things. Vimmis does nothing half-assed preferring to do things as well as possible given the time restraints and will go back to ensure a job well done. Vimmis, for all of his seeming lack of expression and personality, has a way with animals. It’s not that he is overly affectionate or that he talks to them; rather that his touch calms them, that his training is patient, that he seems to regard them with respect and is given it in return. Odd for a dwarf as dwarves tend to treat animals as a resource or tool. Vimmis may have little time for humanoids but the animals under his care get all the time they need.

Vimmis Blackpants

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