Turigar the Orc Hammerer

A grim sturdy man with thinning grey and sandy brown hair that is as long and unkempt as his beard. Shadowed blue eyes and his knurled muscles threaten imminent violence.


Male Adult Ulfan of Belkzen
Neutral worshipper of Calistria

STR: a smith’s strength woven into a vein covered hard muscular build
DEX: wielding a heavy hammer with precision has imparted some grace
CON: long hours, extreme temperatures, and obsession makes most hardships fail to register
INT: more a man who knows his trades than a scholar
WIS: there isn’t any insight required, just a need for revenge
CHR: words and niceties won’t bring his family back

FORT: he will push through pain and injury to do what needs to be done
REFL: if it can’t be shrugged aside then it’s not worth worrying about
WILL: a mind with only two layers: the pain of his loss covered by his enraged need for revenge
Defenses His constant wariness makes it hard to surprise him and he has a sixth sense when it comes to traps.

Tough and even more so when enraged at things he hates. Turigar is also competent in battle but not as a professional warrior, more like a man who has survived enough battles on rage and determination to be dangerous in his own right.

Armor: A well kept chain shirt with appropriate greaves for the arms and legs. They’ve seen damage but it’s all been repaired by a skilled hand. In addition, Turigar has been trained in defensive combat moves.

Serrated Longsword “Hews Orc Heads”

Heavy Crossbow

Feats Hews-Orc-Heads flies to readiness like a thought and hits as hard as his rage plus Turigar is obviously very used to wielding the longsword.

Lang Common, Skald, Orc, Dwarven, Elvish

Skills Skilled with metalwork of every kind with skill plus comfortable with traveling in open country.

Abilities: Traits:
At the onset of combat Turigar will surge from a seemingly safe distance to suddenly surprise you with a thrust towards your vitals but in melee he will use his allies positions to trick you into opening up for cruel cuts. Turigar tends to save his rages for monsters and humanoids.

Gear: magical serrated longsword “Hews Orc Heads” , MW chain shirt, heavy crossbow w/ 20 bolts, a small exquisite wooden box holding finger bones


Years ago, a young Turigar settled with his wife and daughter in a small village on the frontier well away from the borders of Belkzen where he labored as a blacksmith. Unfortunately, anything regarding Belkzen is hardly to be counted upon and its borders least of all. Suddenly Turigar’s village found itself on the wrong side ofthat border and increasing raids by one of the many orc warbands lead the townsfolk to demand reprisals thinking that such a display would bring a reprieve. That was a naïve underestimation of the enemy and their numbers. While the townsmen fought a terrible battle in local caves against what they thought was the warband’s main force the true mass of the enemy’s forces descended on the village, overwhelmed the remaining garrison and pillaged the village. The survivors returned from a terribly bloody victory to a soul crushing defeat painted in flames, blood and violated witnesses left to describe the horrors that the men had missed in words or traumas.

Turigar watched as his home burned and when the embers had almost cooled he picked through the remains of his life to find the remains of his loved ones. The bodies of his family he buried with all the other victims of the village except for a finger bone from each of the people that he had lost. These he placed in an exquisite wooden box that he carries with him always awaiting the day he can arrange to have his wife and children resurrected.
Turigar is brutal only when he needs to be in combat. He always has a look of expecting attack imminately but has been seen to be unashamedly gentle with women and children. However, when it comes to orcs he advocates total war: slaying every member of a tribe without exception including women and children, and even halfbreeds.

“They showed no mercy to my wife and child”, he’ll say, “so I show none to them.”

Turigar the Orc Hammerer

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