Selran Silverbough, Master of the Luminescent Arts

A flamboyant man who wears flashy and colorful, perhaps even gaudy, clothes that mixes striped pants with multicolor shirts to bold effect. He will invariably show off his gold and silver rings and is known to keep his beard and hair combed and his boots


Male Taldan Half-Elf Adult from Taldor
Wizard (Illusionist)
Neutral worshipper of Nethys

STR: not out of shape but pretty formless and undefined
DEX: hand-eye coordination is excellent and possesses enough grace to dance well
CON: healthy and vital benefitting someone his age
INT: a creative artistic mind with a sensitivity towards color and design
WIS: possesses a poorly developed sense of morality and ethics with a strong sense of narcissism
CHR: engaging, self-assured, poised, expressive, the life of the party

FORT: as long as he can neaten up and look his best he tends to persevere
REFL: moves like a dancer
WILL: an incredible focus from holding illusions together, an analytical mind

Init: + 3 Move: 30 ft.

Selran wears no armor but a pair of fore-arm greaves and a flowing satin robe of bright colors and, when he wishes, a shimmering shield of force.

A stylized decorated dagger inlaid with opal.

A lt. crossbow of pale wood and painted to depict a hunting scene with semiprecious stone figures plus a scorched redwood wand are noticeable.

Lang (2 + 3): Taldane, Elvish, Kelish, Draconic, Skald

Magic: A command of illusion is well documented but Selran is rumored to be able to warp minds and perceptions.

Traits: Classically Schooled (Magic)
Fast Talker (Social)

Gear: Robe, wand, bracers, dagger, lt. crossbow, many gold and silver rings


Selran spent his youth and adolescence training under his master in Absolom learning to become a famous illusionist. Since his graduation from his master’s tutelage he has sought adventure in every shape and form. He has found a great love for adventure and will engage in it with whoever has a map, lead, legend, or whisper to go on. Selran will gladly lend his impeccable skills as an illusionist (in his own inflated estimation) to the party for a fair and reasonable share of the treasure or magic. Since he is fascinated with those things that are visually stimulating and interesting Selran will choose items that either look interesting or produce effects having to do with light or color.

When Selran first caught sight of Logane he was enamored with the Vudran’s yellow eyes and fiery red hair but when the inquisitor spoke of the Purifying Flame Selran was hooked not on the religion but the excitement associated with it. Logane has provided endless opportunities for Selran to test and refine his illusions in combat and entertainment.

Selran Silverbough, Master of the Luminescent Arts

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