Regik, Distinguished Retainer of the Council of Narlmarch

A thin man with shoulder length stringy greasy brown hair and a full beard both tied with knots and beads and brown narrow eyes. His clothes and armor tend to be unwashed and untended and Regik has a habit of constantly wiping his runny nose on his sleeve


Male Taldan Adult (32 yo) from the River Kingdoms
Fighter 7
Neutral worshipper of Cayden Cailean

STR: 14 Natural lean muscles strengthened through experience
DEX: 13 Twitchy and able to flee quickly
CON: 12 Pretty healthy
INT: 10 Umm…well, he knows how to read and write….mostly
WIS: 09 Doesn’t always make a good choice
CHR: 08 Between a lack of hygiene and taste decent people have a hard time being near him

FORT: + 6 Used to living a hard life
REFL: + 3 With enough heads up he can get out of the way
WILL: + 1 (+ 2 vs fear) In the right hands, a puppet

Init: + 5 Move: 30’, 20’ in armor
HD[hp]: 7d10 + 7 + 8 + 7/ 75
AC: 18 (20 w/shield) Flat: 17 Touch: 11 (13 w/shield)
Armor: Splint Mail (+ 7 AC, + 1 Dex, – 5 Ach), Hvy Wooden Shield (+ 2 AC), Dex + 1,
Base Attack: + 7 CMB: + 9 CMD: 20

+ 12/ + 6 Nettle’s Ranseur + 1 (Dam: 2d4 + 6, Crit: x3, P)
+ 9/ + 4 Short sword (Dam: 1d6 + 2, Crit: 19, P)

Ranged[Point Blank] (Deadly Aim = – 2 attack for + 4 damage)
+ 9/ + 4 [+ 10/ + 5] Longbow (Dam: 1d8 [+ 1], Crit: x3, Range: 100’, P)

Feats(4 + 5): (Racial) Toughness, Imp. Initiative, Point Blank Shot, Wpn Focus – Longbow, Deadly Aim, Weapon Focus – Ranseur, Weapon Spec. – Ranseur, Precise Shot, Vital Strike

Lang (0): Common

Skills(14 + 7)(Ranks/Bonus): Climb-(2/7), Intimidate-(4/6), Perception(6/5), Stealth(1/2), Ride-(4/8), Swimming-(2/7, 2 in armor), Survival(2/1),

Abilities: Bravery + 2, Armor Training + 2, Weapon Training (pole arms) 1

Magic: None

Traits: NA

Gear: Splint mail, Heavy wooden shield, Short sword, Longbow, Quiver w/20 arrows x 2, backpack, bedroll, tinderbox, hemp rope 50’, waterskin, explorer’s outfit, Nettle’s ranseur + 1
Sunrod x 3


Regik was born to a Taldan bandit from Galt who became pregnant after a one night dalliance. A year and half later she left on a raid and never returned. Her son Regik was then raised by the rest of the gang in Galt. By the time Regik was 14 the gang was falling to local guards and needed to flee to survive. The group packed up and fled the authorities for Mivon thinking the River Kingdoms would bring easy money. That was not the case and the next 6 years found Regik left to his own devices ending up in various groups and partnerships living not far above destitution. By age 20 he had found himself chased, hunted or wanted from several communities and organizations. He had loved girls and wives and run from fathers and husbands. He had starved and rotted in jail and pissed himself scared at the imminent end of his life. He had also drunk and feasted and laughed with pockets full of money but the luck always eventually ran out. At 22 bounty hunters from the lower River Kingdoms were on his trail and Regik finally got the idea after many near captures that he should flee north into the Stolen Lands.

Regik stumbled into the Kamelands with little to nothing until he encountered the Stag Lord and joined his crew. Regik suddenly had food, drink and a safe place (relatively) to sleep and being a natural follower fell into the even more violent life of a backwoods bandit. Regik did many things that made him uncomfortable but given that he wasn’t very ethical or even empathetic those thoughts did not last long. In time though even the driest desert feels some rain and when the subject of the Stag Lord’s increasing drunkenness and growing mental instability became even more evident Regik began to think that slipping away might be more prudent but his fear of the Stag Lord and the more unbalanced of his bandits like Dovan or Ayles was even greater. Regik found the Stag Lord becoming even more violent and while he was well used to being a thug, murder did not sit well with him. It was an irony that when he got to know the Pivaxan lad called Topper Red that he began to listen to the red-head’s ideas about slipping away with a nest egg was just when the Stag Lord had trouble with a river ferrymen named Davik Nettles. That one night’s encounter left Regik a murderer and several nights later running from the eternal hatred of the undead. From then on Regik planned to flee the Stolen Lands in order to put the Stag Lord, the Old Man and the fury of an undead victim as far behind him as he could.

His plans were derailed by the arrival of Zebulon Pike whom Topper Red had suggested was someone they could convince to help them escape the Stag Lord. In short order Regik found himself accepting the clemency of a dwarf inquisitor of Abadar and given Nettle’s ranseur. In the months that followed Regik found himself living the life of an adventurer and a hero who was also tormented by the presence of a man he helped murderer. Regik had to prove himself over and over until he came face to face with an old member of the Stag Lord’s crew that had joined a Skinsaw cult that called itself the Company of Masks. Bydon offered Regik a chance to join the Company of Masks or run away a coward. Regik stood in the dark facing his old associate aware of the uncharacteristically silent presence of Nettles watching him and chose instead to fight Bydon. Unknown to Regik the leader of the Company, the bugbear priest known as the Skinner, stood behind him and rendered Regik unconscious and took the man to their hidden temple as a future sacrifice and part of a terrifying creature known as the Amalgam of Faces. Stripped, tortured and hung in the temple of Father Skinsaw Regik would have completely lost his sanity and allowed himself to pass away from his wounds had it not been for the presence of Davik Nettles standing, watching, silent but instead of a condemning stare Davik’s presence gave Regik resolve until Slade’s company arrived and saved the man.

Since then Regik is a different man. Davik is, more or less, a constant presence but Regik no longer suffers nightmares and considers himself a changed man who has sworn himself to Inquisitor Slade and the nation of Narlmarch.

Regik, Distinguished Retainer of the Council of Narlmarch

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