Kestan Garess, Grand Diplomat of Narlmarch

Kesten is a young man of dark red-brown hair and pale skin with a constant shadow of a beard. He has a serious look upon his face and seems grim and intense even in the most festive of situations. Generally he dresses to impress but with restraint.


Male Human (Issian) Adult (26 years old) of Brevoy
-Fighter 3 Aristocrat 2
Chaotic Neutral worshipper of Abadar and Gorum

STR: 17 A fit man who obviously left a life of excess for one of discipline.
DEX: 08 Slow to react.
CON: 13 Used to hardship and adverse conditions
INT: 10 You don’t need to be a wizard to stab a man
WIS: 13 He’s been learning to read people’s faces
CHR: 14 Intense personality and grim demeanor

FORT: + 4 Pain helps him feel alive
REFL: + 0 He’ll take that hit
WILL: + 5 (+ 6 vs. fear) A man with a grim mindset and a sense of purpose is hard to sway

Init: – 1 Move: 20 ft (30 ft without armor)
HD[hp]: 3d10 plus 2d8 + 5 + 8 / 36
AC: 20 Flat: 18 Touch: 12
Armor: – 1 Dexterity, + 8 Armor, + 3 Shield & Shield Focus (- 7 armor check)
Kestan wears his gleaming mail with surcoat and shield marked with the crest of Narlmarch when travelling or on the field of battle.
Base Attack: + 4 CMB: + 7 CMD: 16

MW Longsword + 9 (Dam: 1d8 + 3, Crit: 19, S)
MW Dagger + 7 (Dam: 1d4 + 3, Crit: 19, S/P)

MW Light crossbow + 4 (Dam: 1d8, Crit: 19, Range: 80 ft, P)

Feats(3 + 3): Alertness, Weapon Focus (Longsword), Shield Focus, Power Attack, Persuasive, Skill Focus (Diplomacy),

Lang (0): Common, Skald

Skills(14 +10)(Ranks/Bonus): Bluff-(1/6), Climb-(2/8), Diplomacy-(3/10), Intimidate-(3/10), K-Engineering-(2/5), K-Geography-(1/4), K-History-(1/4), K-Nobility-(2/6), Linguistics-(1/4), Perception-(1/7), P-Soldier-(3/7), Ride-(1/3), Sense Motive-(2/9), Survival-(1/5),
Kesten has the skills of a soldier but lately he’s been working on the skills of statecraft that his father tried to instill in him in order to serve the barony better.

Abilities: Bravery + 1, Armor Training 1,

Magic: None

Traits: Issian Noble-Scion of one of the warring noble houses of Brevoy, well versed in maneuvering through its cutthroat world [+1 to K-Nobility and Sense Motive]

Gear: MW longsword, MW light crossbow w/20 bolt case, MW dagger, MW half-plate, MW heavy steel shield, Cure light wounds potion x 3, eagle’s splendor potion, signet ring, wardrobe of noble clothing and traveling clothes


Kestan Garess, Grand Diplomat of Narlmarch

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