Katilyne, Lt. Commander of the Order

A striking young women with short-cropped black hair stands at ease, leaning on a worn halberd. She wears the black armor and cloak of the Order of the Raven.


Female Human from the River Kingdoms
NG Fighter 3
Init +1; Senses Perception –1

AC 18, touch 11, flat-footed 17 (+ 7 armor, + 1 Dex)
hp 27 (3d10 + 3 Con + 3 Toughness + 3 FC)
Fort + 4, Ref + 2, Will + 0 (+ 1 vs. fear)

Speed 20 ft.
Melee halberd-mw + 7 (1d10 + 3)
-Power Attack + 6 (1d10 + 6)
Ranged short bow + 3 (1d4/×3)

STR: 14 uncommonly strong despite her lithe form
DEX: 13 quick reflexes make her a formidable opponent
CON: 12 naturally healthy
INT: 13 a sharp mind for a soldier
WIS: 9 not particularly observant
CHR: 13 attractive with a quiet sense of humor

(Race) Weapon Focus: Halberd-Katilyne has spent much of her life learning to fight with her chosen weapon.
(L1) Power Attack-She has been trained to hit very hard, often sacrificing accuracy to do so.
(F1) Cleave-If she hits you, she’ll likely hit your friend as well.
(F2) Combat Expertise-Katilyne can go on the defensive when necessary.
(L3) Toughness

Lang (1): Common, halfling

Skills : Climb + 10, Intimidate + 7, Stealth + 10, KS: Dungeon + 6, Survival + 3

Highlander: Kat grew up in the hilly border regions of Issia, dodging bandits and monsters. This taught her to be silent when necessary
Heirloom Weapon: Kat’s grandfather left behind a fine halberd. Her father, a farmer, had no use for it, but Kat certainly did.

Gear: MW halberd, MW black field plate (Order of the Raven), backpack, rope (50’) + grappling hook, flint&steel, belt pouches X4, spiked gauntlet, short sword, long sword, shield, short bow & quiver, 20 gp, black cloak & finely carved onyx raven cloak clasp (50 gp), Potion of CLWx2, MW tool-Stealth (boots), Climber’s Kit, Oil of Magic Weapon
*gift from the baron
Gold: 390


Relatively new to Mereover, Katilyne can usually be found in the company of Dannel the Damned and Zhang Yu. The trio have been hiring out as caravan guards to the many merchants on the Zebulon Pike. Word is that the three even cleaned out a goblin nest to the southwest of the city.
Recently, Katilyne has become a member of the baron’s Order of the Raven. She quickly was promoted to second-in-command behind Lizvetta.

Katilyne, Lt. Commander of the Order

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