Heston Forthald, Second in Command of The Lady’s Guard, Marshal of Mosskull Ferry

A tanned stern-looking dwarf whose black hair and beard bear numerous clan and commendation clasps that shine with careful tending and blatant pride. His hazel eyes burrow into anything that they look at. His gear gleams hanging on a stiff-backed dwarf.


Male Adult Dwarf from the River Kingdoms
*Fighter (Crossbowman) 5
Heston believes in order and no leniency for those who don’t understand their place in the order of things or who get in the way of his goals and carrying out orders.

STR: strong arms and chest that can set a steel-bowed crossbow with no problem
DEX: dead-eye with a ranged weapon and quick to get out of the way of on-coming fire
CON: toughened from years of campaigns
INT: sharp minded
WIS: a suspicious mind
CHR: grim, glowers, a cruel sense of humor

FORT: enduring even in the face of adversity
REFL: reasonable good at not being in the way
WILL: only aware of targets and how good it feels to shoot them ,not his thoughts

Init:Move: 20 ft.
HD[hp]: pretty tough character for a rear line commander
Armor: Mw breastplate with greaves and bracers and buckler shield

Heston bears a beautiful dwarven waraxe that has seen blood and fire by the looks of stains and scorches on it but the weapon is as well taken care of as possible. He also has a dagger in his belt.

Ranged [Point Blank Shot]
The black wooden light crossbow that Heston carries is fashioned to resemble a diving wyvern whose wide etched pearl eyes move to focus on the target aimed at. Its merged claws are the trigger and wings are the bow and the bolt flies unerringly out of its mouth.

Feats(3 + 3): Heston is a master at using the crossbow.

Lang (2): Common, Dwarvish, Hallit, Orc

Skills Heston seems very capable at those skills a professional soldier and crossbowman should know.

Abilities: He’s a dwarf so you know he’s staring at you in the dark.

Traits: When Heston decides to kill you he does so with prejudice and is generally a bully which, when you have rank is called a demanding command presence.


Heston Forthald, Second in Command of The Lady’s Guard, Marshal of Mosskull Ferry

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