Dannek “Greenlegs” – Reeve of Castle Stag and personal secretary to the Duke, ex-toad

Dannek is a pock marked young man with long legs and a squat body that possesses a bit of a gut. His legs seem far more animated than he is and exertion causes him to sweat a bit too much. His hair is mostly gone and scalp short with hazel eyes.


Male Human (Chelish) of 26 years from the Kamelands
Expert 4
Nuetral worshipper of Abadar

STR: # ummm, nope not really
DEX: # how he gets that marionette body to move like that is a wonder
CON: # prone to aches and sniffles
INT: # quick witted with an excellent memory
WIS: # a keen eye for small details and behaviors
CHR: # naturally snide and a bit of a coward but he does have a dry sense of humor and can be friendly when he reminds himself


Init: # Move: 30’
HD[hp]: # / #
AC: # Flat: # Touch: #
Armor: Dannek hasn’t worn armor before.
Base Attack: # CMB: # CMD: #

Dannek carries a dagger but it’s ill cared for and used only for dining (which may explain why he tends to get sick after using it for eating with) or scraping his parchments (which explains why some of his notes and messages bear the smell of food).



Lang (#):


Abilities: None

Magic: None

Traits: NA

Gear: commoner’s clothes, official tabard, leather scroll tube, writing kit, scraps of parchment, dagger,


Dannek has few friends and is known for being a bit mincing and rude but those who accept him on his level find that he can be very loyal and quite sharp. He is known for having an excellent memory, a natural talent, and having learned many mnemonic skills.

Dannek was trained by his village’s priest for entry to the priesthood of Pharasma but something tragic occurred which Dannek refuses to talk about so he took his skills to the service of merchants and storekeepers until he found service under Baron Ravenwing and then-Treasurer Brother Zero. He enjoys his position and social status but grew a fair bit uppity until his attitude drew the insult of the wrong person and Dannek found himself transformed into a toad for a while. He was returned to his true form but since has been nicknamed Greenlegs by the castle staff and when startled does tend to hop to the delight of many. It is generally agreed upon that the experience has done a great deal of good for him and though he is unaware there are far more people who have come to like the young man just a bit more than not-at-all as he was before.

In the months that followed his service, loyalty and attention to detail have promoted him to Yorick’s staff as reeve (supervisor of the workforce) of the castle and personal secretary of Duke Yorick.

Dannek “Greenlegs” – Reeve of Castle Stag and personal secretary to the Duke, ex-toad

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