Corbin, Battlepriest of Gorum, General

War priest of Gorum 6th Level


Str 16 (strong but is it muscle or smell)
Dex 10 (Often trips over his own feet)
Con 15 (Drinks… Alot)
Int 12 (Smart enough to ignore common sense to get himself and friends in trouble)
Wis 17 (Wise enough to know better but usually doesn’t care)
Cha 18 (A very lovable drunk)

AC 19
HP 48

Fort 6
Ref 1
Will 7

Bas Att 3
Alignment Chaotic Good

Favored Weapon Great sword

Feats Weapon Focus (Great sword)
Selective Channeling
Heavy Armor Proficient
Power Attack

Traits Rostlander

Special Ability’s Weapon/ Armor Prof Light, Med, All simple weapons, Shield Proficient All except Tower, Proficient Great Sword
Aura (Chaos, Strong) maybe a little Mad, But genuinely a good person
Channel Energy 6 times per day 3d6
Domains: Strength/ War
Spontaneous casting

Corbin was born in a small village in rostland he doesnt even remeber were, do to his parents being migrant farmers. His father had a terrible temper and got in many fights because of it, he also beat his wife and only child very often. Corbin would try to direct his fathers beating to himself instead of his mother but a 7 year old could only do so much. His fathers temper eventual got him killed in a dual against a sword lord, which left Corbin and his mother to fend for themselves. His mother turned to prostitution to make money to feed herself and her son but found yet again another abusive man to pimp her out and again the two of them caught beatings. Corbin discovered ale at the age of 9 probably do the the taverns inns and whorehouses he lived in at such a young age. Eventually Corbins mother took ill and he persuaded her to go to a temple for healing. Instead they found a shrine and his mother died before she could be healed. Corbin now 10 sat by his dead mother for days not realizing she wasnt going to wake up eventually a man came to the shrine, he wore well used but taken care of full plate and carried the biggest sword he has ever seen. the man was a cleric of Gorum, he toke Corbin under his wing, never again would he be pushed around and beaten on be people who didnt care about anyone but themselves. Corbin followed the cleric and learned the ways of Gorum for many years he had stopped drinking and learned with a single minded determination. He was taught that the god Gorum was much more than the god of battle and killing, a true Gorumite learned how to live on the battlefield not just kill and be killed. He learned to stay a step ahead of a sword strike and how to use his head to stay out of fights he couldnt win, but to always look for a challenge. Then one night he and his cleric friend invited another Gorumite to there campfire and in the middle of the night the Gorumite killed his friend in cold blood and tried to kill Corbin also but he fled. Now all his family killed or murdered and his beliefs rocked to there core. He knew one thing he would not allow good people to be harmed be bad people if he could prevent it, even if he had to do diabolical acts to make it so. Corbin then wandered until he was picked up off the side of the road by a strange little group of adventurers, but he would never be the same, starting with turning back to the drink.

Corbin, Battlepriest of Gorum, General

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