Baron-Captain Callardia Shivanim Aldori

A shapely smiling Mivoni Swordlord whose body speaks of confidence and boldness and is dressed to accentuate her beauty; perhaps you might not notice that her hazel-green eyes are cold and hold little emotion besides what escapes her cold haughty heart.


Female Human from Mivon
Fighter (Weapon Master) 5
Lawful Evil worshipper of Gorum

STR: lean muscles belie a strong strike
DEX: a body that displays fluidity, coordination, and viper-like strikes
CON: healthy through regimen and focus
INT: very focused training leaves little time for anything academic
WIS: average in force of will
CHR: sultry, passionate, personally imposing, and intense

FORT: pushes through the pain
REFL: eye – hand coordination doesn’t beat the fireball but a sharp eye might
WILL: but the mage’s voice was so soothing…

Init: fairly quick Move: 30’
HD[hp]: able to resist wounds even given her shapely frame
AC: 19 Flat: 16 Touch: 13
Armor: Armor + 6, Dexterity + 3,
Base Attack: 5 CMB: ?? CMD: ??

The only melee weapon that Callardia carries is a distinctive Aldori dueling sword with it’s typical single edge and slightly curved blade but Fish’s Glory, as it is called, bears a serrated edge and basket hilt and is fashioned from unusual metal and with a mastery not regularly seen. It looks light and fragile but bends without breaking and slices through armor like butter.
Callardia has a light crossbow of dark burnished oak and mithril gears that is fashioned with the aspect of two serpents that hold the drawstring in their mouths.

Feats(3 + 4): Callardia is very skilled with her Aldori dueling sword. She not only has endless hours of training with it but knows Aldori swordpact techniques like an accomplished practitioner. Her weapon is so keen to hit and placed with finesse to maximize damage that it’s release from its scabbard illicits fear. Fish’s Glory seems to know how to cast its competitors to the ground against their master’s will.

Lang (1): Common, Dwarvish

Skills(10 +10)(Ranks/Bonus): Craft – Weaponsmith(5/8), Intimidate(5/11), Know – Geography(1/2), Know – Nobility(3/4), Ride(3/8), Profession – Soldier(2/5), Sense Motive(1/1)

Abilities: Weapon Guard – + 1 to CMD vrs sunder, disarm and saves that effect weapon, Weapon Training – + 1 on attack and damage with Aldori Dueling Sword, Reliable Strike – 1 reroll / day on attack, critical, miss chance, or damage with weapon,

Magic: None

Traits: NA

Gear: MW mithril breastplate, MW adamantine serrated Aldori Dueling Sword “Fish’s Glory”, MW light crossbow, light warhorse,


Baron-Captain Callardia Shivanim Aldori

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