Slade, son of Svergun

Marshal of the Realm


Dwarven Inquisitor 8/Fighter (dragoon) 1

Str 17
Dex 10
Con 16
Int 13
Wis 18
Cha 8

Hp: 90
Ac: 22

BAB: + 7
CMB: + 10
CMD: 22 (+ 4 vs. Bull rush, Trip)

Fort: + 13 (+ 2 vs. poison, spells)
Reflex: + 4 (+ 2 vs. spells)
Will: + 13 (+ 2 vs. illusions, spells, + 1 vs. mind-affecting)

Main attack: + 1 dwarven waraxe (+ 11 to hit, 1d10 + 4 damage)

SA: spells, judgments, bane weapons


The dwarf now known as Brother Zero seeks penance from Abadar. After a one week’s vigil, it was clear to Zero that to regain his name and clan, he must prove himself in service to Abadar. And what service would the Citibuilder most favor? Why, the building of a new city of course.

When the king announced that the Stolen Lands were to be settled, and charters available to those capable of doing the work, Zero knew that this was his opportunity. Loading what possessions he still retained on an old mule, he began the long walk south.

“At least the temple was kind enough to provide free reading material” thought Zero, as he loaded the two books Prices and Production, and The Wealth of Cities into a saddlebag. Should have time to brush up on theory as I travel…

Slade has since paid his debt to Abadar and is looking forward to defending the new realm that the has built with his friends.
Slade is now engaged to Aethelia Linnormheart, Reader of Bones

Slade, son of Svergun

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