Kingmaker - As the Ravens Gather

You are the law

“Ismort, just the guy I was looking for” spoke the dwarf.

“Have you heard what that she-beast has done, Lord Zero? I must insist…”

“Lord Corbin’s personal affairs are his business. Besides, I’ve gotten a request from the Baron, and you’re just the guy to help me with it” said Judge Zero, as he began walking to the conference room.

Izmort slowed his pace to match with the dwarf, “What request is that? The wolf situation is well in hand”.

“Aye, but it won’t be the last time one of the people gets hurt or killed. While you and your men are doing a good job maintaining order, we also need law. You and me, we’re going to write the laws down, make ’em official.”

“You need a piece of paper that says murder is illegal? Won’t take long, but I don’t see the point”

“You will my boy,” said the dwarf, as a rare grin spread across his face. “If you kill someone, what do we do about it? How much proof is needed, and what kind? What sort of punishment is dealt out? If the person is executed, who’s going to do it, and how?”

“Have a seat, I’ve told your men you’re unavailable for a while”

As Izmort’s face fell, the grin on the dwarf’s face only widened.



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