Kingmaker - As the Ravens Gather

What I Knew

I didn’t know.

I didn’t even understand HOW I didn’t know, but I could taste the warm saltiness that meant blood, mixed with chunks of something hard. Probably my teeth. I had my axe in one hand, feeling its familiar weight. A fight, then. And…I’m already hurt. Where? How?

Then I turned my head and saw…it. I have no words to describe such a thing, and I am thankful that I have not needed any in the past eleven decades. It was the size of a small barn, and as it tore the golden calf in two with its tentacles, I was sure that I would face Lady Pharasma that day. Maybe I could at least bring it with me. I saw no sign of my friends, whether they lived or died I did not know. I raised my shield and hoped I find some weakness before it crushed me as well.

The battle was horrific, I lost consciousness at least once, but the wild power of Gorum surged through me and I felt a little of that madness that Corbin must feel constantly. I no longer grudge the man his drink. When his giant form crashed down next to me, I didn’t know if we would live. I had resigned myself to die fighting for our cause, and this was at least a worthy foe.

But then the earth spirit appeared, a fresh sword in our hour of need. As she dove into the pit to charge that horror, it was clear that I was not alone. I didn’t know where she came from, but she brought hope. I shifted my axe to my non-shattered hand, and I could feel myself rising from the depths. (Yorick was quick to take credit for getting me out with his levitation magic, but was curiously silent on how I got there in the first place)

I didnt know, but I see that you did. And for that, I thank you.

Yours, Slade



What. Did. I. Miss?

What I Knew

We air-walked to the Keep. It’s a terrible place. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to face off against opponents whose capabilities are completely unknown. We could easily have all died on two occasions.

What I Knew

Agreed. I certainly thought we had a TPK on the second account against the tentacled horror (well, not a true TPK as the baron would have, with much regret, saved himself . . . for the good of the kingdom, of course). John did an aces job depicting that encounter. It was truly creepy.

What I Knew

Looks like I picked a bad night to miss. And the XP :(

What I Knew

Yeah, the cloud of chaos was really most dangerous to Slade, and vice versatile. I’m not sure it could have done much to Corbin.

What I Knew

Well Corbin would have been last on its list but a target nevertheless.

What I Knew

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