Kingmaker - As the Ravens Gather

Session 5 – Under the Sycamore

13 – 24.Gozran.4710

13.Gozran (Fireday) – Rain and wind lashed at the party as horses and booty was gathered and healing administered by those who could with what they had left. Falgrin Sneed was bound for transport while Topper Red was vouched for by Zebulon Pike. The rain increased to such a degree that everyone retired to Carl Hunter’s cabin to rest the evening.

14. (Star day) – The storm increased in intensity and in the comfort of Carl’s cabin the group decided yet again to split with Corbin and Sue heading north with the prisoner Sneed to Oleg’s while the rest of the group would explore the surrounding territory. Everyone travelled to the river crossing at the confluence of the Shrike and Thorn Rivers. There Sue and Corbin followed the Thorn upriver while Markoa, Zero, Zebulon, Garik and Topper Red scouted the area. Zebulon named the area after Kressle and as night fell everyone returned to Carl’s for the night.

15. (Sunday) – The weather lightened and the explorers moved across Kressle’s Crossing heading northeast or so before camping in the rain.

16. (Moonday) – The new overcast but dry day found the adventurers exploring and discovering an old sycamore of great size that sat upon a rocky hill. The tree was close to being dead and had few leaves to flap in the wind. Markoa discovered a tunnel under the great tree’s roots and within that, sheltered from the previous rains, the tracks of a small three toed biped. Markoa, Brother Zero and Zebulon left their two new retainers behind with the horses and descended into the tunnel. The tunnels were rough and tight that branched off in many directions but the party had chosen a route that soon brought them to a small room in which two small mannish creatures stood at a table. They were squat and fey with eyes that were bulging and seemingly closed with large lids. The two odd fey were tossing caltrops into each other’s mouths in fun. They were short work for the heroes and they moved on to see what they could find deeper into the roots of the great old tree. When the group came upon a larger room where six mites were tormenting a kobold the group found them easy to dispose of. The kobold was released and it was noticed that the room continued on into another area over a small chasm filled with roots and that area held more mites staring on in shock. What followed was a pitched battle with the strongest members of the mite tribe and their chief who rode a disgusting giant tick. Yet as things looked as bad as they could get things suddenly got worse for due to their fell affinity with vermin there rose from the grotto a mammoth centipede. Where once the heroes needed only to ward off the dooming gaze of the mites they now found that they were faced with two terrifying gigantic insects and the party was overwhelmed. The party had become split between the two sides of the grotto. As Markoa tried his best to kill the centipede with his arrows Brother Zero fought beside Zebulon Pike against the mite chief and his fearsome giant tick steed. The chief was killed but Zebulon suddenly found himself separated from Zero and facing the tick alone. The vermin got the better of the young man and Zebulon Pike died as the creature sucked his juices away. Zero had his own issues and had drawn the attention of the centipede and the dwarf inquisitor could not stand against it. Luck and quick thinking could help Zero only so long and the dwarf found himself bitten and dying soon enough. A strange voice and elder power washed over him and healed the dwarf enough that he was able to remove himself to a place to heal himself to a point where he was merely battered. He thought it best to try to slip across the grotto invisibly but fell to the bottom. Hiding then seemed his best option but the same force that seemed intent to save him from death also seemed intent to watch him struggle against the insects and called the centipede’s attention onto the dwarf. It was tense but the arrival of Carl Hunter and the two retainers into the warrens helped the severely wounded party to kill the centipede and tick and to escape, heal and re-enter the warrens and clear out the remaining mites.

17. (Toilday)The group, saddened by the loss of their friend Zebulon Pike decided to return to Oleg’s, rejoin with the other members of their party, grieve and pick up supplies ordered previously.

18 – 20. The group ordered equipment and shopped with more visiting merchants. Supplies were put in and some much needed rest and recuperation taken.

21 – 23. The team explored some of the area around Oleg’s eventually returning to Oleg’s along the road.

24. (Toilday) Today the reward for capturing Falgrim Sneed, along with some ordered armor, arrived at the trading post. The team then went exploring more of the area around the South Rostland Road and eventually ran into Bokken’s residence before returning to Oleg’s.



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