Kingmaker - As the Ravens Gather

Session 33 – Into Lands Held by the Nomen

04 -14.Pharast.4712

The Inquisitor’s Band prepared for another expedition into the lands east and northeast of Narlmarch. During this they were visited by Jubilost Narthropple who explained that his expeditionary force of gnomes had not found any sign of the lost dwarven city they searched for. They planned to investigate the unlikely location of the abandoned dwarven mine that once was occupied by the Company of Masks and then head into the wilds of Iobaria.
In return for the Council’s and Slade’s Band’s countless generosities Jubilost gifted them with the beginnings of a map of the Nomen Heights compiled by some of his scouts.

Markoa, Inquisitor Slade upon Fennario, Corbin, and Regik with a pack horse and an extra steed headed out by riverboat from Meereover on a sunny if cool day arriving at the outflow of the Gudrin River to begin their foray.
Upon coming to the Gudrin River Ford they encountered a guard post and a toll of 5cp per horse. The guards of Mosskull Ferry asked many questions and warned the recognizable leaders of the northern dukedom to keep the peace within the Lady’s lands.
Later down the road it was easy for Markoa to notice that they were being followed by a Ferry scout. Markoa slipped away and watched as the scout was met by Griarkis Bearhunter who was long thought to have died in the raid by the Company of Masks upon Tatzlford back in Erastus of 4701.
The General was confronted by the group where empty threats were met with Corbin’s cold rebuff and Slade’s assurances that they were passing through but that violence would be an unwise choice. In the face of overwhelming odds Griakis slunk away.
The group soon left the guarded communal farms and suspicious homesteaders behind and entered the Crags losing their escort.

The group explored deeper into the Crags and entered unexplored lands.

The rough broken lands of the Crags gave way to the rich lands between the northern bank of the Little Sellen and the Gudrin Rivers.

The fertile rolling hills brought them within sight of rougher foothills and the distant mountains of the Tors of the Levanies. Dusk found Regik attacked by a hunting manticore which inflicted grievous wounds but was defeated by Gorum’s roaring fist of fire and pure holy battle that descended from above at Corbin’s command which consumed the creature.

Just upriver past the confluence of the Runoff Creek and the roaring frigid waters of the Little Sellen River where the river narrows as it passes through a gully between tow rocky hillsides the party encountered a small oblong flooded island thick with vegetation. There they were attacked by a fearsome giant flytrap that almost consumed the entire party but for the divine defenses of the inquisitor and the combat prowess of Corbin and Regik who carved into the plant creature. The healing fury of Gorum that flowed from Corbin saved many from sure death.
There, lost among the bones of centaur, animal and humanoids, were some impressive treasures that were reclaimed.

A little east of Dragonleaf Gully, while exploring the area, Slade spied a narrow crack in the mountain side and discovered an abandoned dire bear cave inhabited only by irate bats disturbed by the invasion of the curious dwarf. There at the back Slade could not miss the vein of high-grade iron ore.

Moving along the shore of the vast lake to the northeast the only encounter was with a herd of elk.

The exploration of this part of the mountain brought the party over to the other side of the Tors and here is where they spied the Ghost Stone and came to meet Zzamas the phase spider who cautiously approached them and asked for aid in driving away invading “zeel” that had driven the otherworldly creature from the glowing monolith. A promise of reward was given and the group gathered to camp and discussed tactics.

Approaching the Ghost Stone with the dawn only one strange insect-like multi-armed “zeel” was seen and as they drew closer it opened fire upon them. Recognized by those wiser in the ways of the worlds beyond as xill the party approached as three more of the militant violent creatures phased in from the ethereal plane. The battle’s start was withering to the party but tactics and perseverance turned the tide and the last fleeing xill was lethally pierced by one of Markoa’s arrows leaving it to die in the spirit realm.
Zzamas appeared later when all seemed clear and proved true to his word as he dragged a large impressive chest from the ether in payment. Unlocked, the chest proved to hold a trove of strange clothing, a spellbook, and a wand.



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