Kingmaker - As the Ravens Gather

Pharast 4711

The latest heavy snows swept in from the north again leaving the Greenbelt blanketed in even more snow than could be remembered. When the storm passed the days proved sunny and not as frigid as usual. Sleighs and sleds could be seen around Olegton and Meereover being used by everyone from merchants to children. The absence of the bandits was felt be everyone lending a feeling more important than peace, trust. Baron Yorick had seen a difficult time and dealt with it handily. In Olegton a group of six young boys sledding down one of the hills outside the town stopped as they each became aware of the team of oxen pulling a large Varisian wagon through the snow. The wagon was, like those of its kind, brightly colored once but had faded and its banners and pinions were torn and tattered as they fluttered in the wind. It was not the wagon far distant from its origin that stopped the boys’ activity but the riders that sat on the seat, peered out the small window and hung out the open top half of the rear door. They were women who seemed happy at seeing Olegton at last, women who laughed and sang a bawdy song together. Women, who, the boys noted, wore very open dresses and had smiles that seemed to be only for each boy. Almost as a whole the lads cheered back and raced with their cheap plank sleds in hand to catch up with the amazing wagon and it’s even more amazing occupants.

“Come on guys let’s see if they need help unloading. Perhaps there will some sort of reward!”, cried one lad.

“Josah! You’re too young, go home!”

“No way! They’re pretty!”

The boys laughed at the young boy and ran through the snow. Their small town had just gotten more interesting they were sure even if most of them weren’t entirely sure why.
So intent were the boys that they did not see the rider many paces behind the wagon riding a massive destrier that plowed through the show. His dark cloak pulled close around his body as much for heat as to obscure his features. This new barony interested the Dragonscale Throne and its claims upon the South Rostland Road troubled the Surtovas and the man was sent to listen and inquire. He had already seen surveyors on the road leagues previous and that concerned him but he wouldn’t judge too quickly. He had months to compile a report and would make sure that it was a very complete accounting of this “Baron” Yorick and Brother Zero and his band. He would discover what the Rostlanders were up to, as the stars see all, and see his lord full informed.



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