Kingmaker - As the Ravens Gather

Session 1 - Once upon a time...

26.Pharast.4710 – Toilday
Brother Zero, the dwarven inquisitor, and Markoa, the human woodsman, entered the village of Hallow’s End on the South Rostland Road out of Restov. They were having a meal in the Plowshare Inn when a local farmer named Tinneas who was looking for help. When plowing their fields Tinneas and his sons discovered a buried stone capped pit which, when uncovered and opened, opened onto a room. Tinneas peered inside but didn’t enter fearing that the tomb was cursed. Instead he sought to find help to discover what lay within. Markoa and Brother Zero assured him that they would help and soon found themselves within the tomb.
The heroes ended their exploration and returned to Tinneas and Alona’s, his wife, home for the night.

27 – Wealday
A bright sunny day found Markoa and Zero descending again into Perivax’s Tomb. While the heroes were deep in the most dangerous portions of the tomb Tinneas’ family was beset by a group of bandits led by Fillian Treebane. Treebane had been leaning heavily upon the local farmers in order to accumulate the tribute not only to gain entry to a large bandit organization to the south but to impress their leader, the Stag Lord. Brother Zero and Markoa were forced to complete searching the tomb under threat of violence to Tinneas’ family and came to outwit and outfight the bandits killing most of them and capturing Fillian who was thrown into the empty but dangerous tomb to await trial. Markoa and Zero spend the night with Tinneas’ family and were given all the supplies that they could carry.

28 – Oathday
Brother Zero and Markoa headed out to continue down the South Rostland Road but as the day progressed Zero began to feel more and more unwell until the two decided to camp early and continue the rest of the way to the trading post they were headed for in the morning.

29 – Fireday
Brother Zero and Markoa finally made it to Oleg’s Trading Post as clouds gathered in the sky. Oleg Leveton, the owner, was a gruff and surly but obviously pleased that Brevoy had sent someone to help him. His wife, Svetlana, was young, pretty and concerned with Zero’s illness hastening him to bed as Markoa became familier with the surroundings and hearing Oleg’s tale over dinner while Zero slept.



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