Kingmaker - As the Ravens Gather

Heavy on the Brow

Pushing the stupid pot back from his forehead, Duke Yorick walked quickly up the stairs. Once out of view of his subjects, he removed the crown and rubbed at his temples. Why did it have to be so uncomfortable? Slade had explained that by their nature, crowns were front-heavy, but surely some more effective design had been worked out over the centuries.

Was that the sort of thing other rulers kept secret, unwilling to make a rival more comfortable? Hard to say. His musings came to an end when he reached Slade’s chamber. Opening the door, he strode in as impressively as he could muster, towering above the complete stranger in front of him.

“Who are you? Where’s the Marshal?” asked Yorick.

The halfling replied “Tyrol, if it please m’lord, and out. He said he had secret business to attend to.”

“And how is it that you know the comings and goings of the Marshal?”

“I wouldn’t be much of a secretary otherwise, m’lord”

“And where is Slade?”

“Oh, you’ll not catch me that easy, m’lord.” Adopting a much lower voice and sticking out his belly Tyrol continued, “‘Tell no one where I’m going, especially not Duke Yorick. Tell him I’m maintaining law and order’”

“Would you like to make an appointment, m’lord?”

The door slammed. Tyrol took that as a no.


I love these latest stories. I would, however, like to know when they take place. At the end of kingdom building or someplace during?

Heavy on the Brow

After the previous story of Derek’s…? It’s a reaction to that, even if it’s incomplete.

It’s probably easiest to keep the characters and the story together, and the kingdom building separate. Then, when it’s a good spot, our characters will take a year off, and ‘poof’, everything is caught up.

If you’re got something else in mind, though, run with it.

Heavy on the Brow

+ 1 to that. I think it would be too easy to get bogged down if we try to always make sure each adventure post, adventure, and kingdom build phase are all perfectly timed with each other.

Heavy on the Brow

I think of them as “episodes”.

Heavy on the Brow

i like that episodes is right

Heavy on the Brow

I’ll figure it out. The posts should run basically chronologically to preserve the story flow.

Heavy on the Brow

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