Kingmaker - As the Ravens Gather

Great Sword

Slade sensed the wave chaos before Corbin even knocked at his chambers, The air practically sizzled with his madness. He wondered as he invited him in if they would eventually have to put him down like a rabid dog. “Come on in Corbin, What do you want?” Slade asked as he sat back down to his ledgers. Corbin looked at Slade and placed an item carefully wrapped in oiled cloth on an empty section of his desk. ( basically directly in front of Slade because his desk is loaded with paperwork) Slade new what it was instantly and started to carefully unwrap it. “You know Corbin Yorick tried to repair and I also told you it was pointless.” As Slade pulled out what remained of the hilt of Corbin’s great sword i small chunk fell off. Corbin bit his knuckle " be careful Slade! I was just hoping maybe you could reforge it its been through so much with me." Corbin the slime destroyed most of my stuff too you may have to let it go." Corbin reached out to pet the hilt and Slade slapped his hand away and took a long look at the crazed cleric and saw someone that looked like he lost a friend. (deep sigh) “I will see what i can do but DON’T PESTER me! do you understand!?” Corbin nodded enthusiastically. “You wont see me till you hand it back” Slade thought for the briefest moment of letting the (“repair”) take a few months but then decided against it. “Ok Corbin go away and let me finish some of my ledgers.” “Thank you Slade very much.” Corbin was tripping over himself to get out the door and Slade help him out (not very gently) and closed the door as Corbin was about to say something, Slade shook his head and heard a muffled thank you. Slade sat back down with a heavy sigh and gingerly pick up the hilt of the once great sword "What am i going to do with this hunk of metal he idly scratched at the ruby in the hilt with his thumbnail, pieces of steal flaked of like a crust. Then the ruby started to glow “what the??” aaaarrrrrrgg (a banshee like scream erupted from the hilt and an image of Gorum’s head with an open maw came to being in front of Slade, he could smell the fetid breath as the mouth tried to close over his head Slade fell backwards in his chair to hit the floor with an oooofffff. (Dark and evil giggling in the background fading to nothing) “By Abadars purse strings” Slade flung the hilt against the wall and what remained of Corbin’s sword Shattered into dust, the ruby dropped to the floor with a ping Slade cringed “Oops… damn Gorum” he muttered under his breath. He looked at the ruby as he got up and considered trying to crush it beneath his boot, he fought the erg and picked it up placed it on his desk and wrote in his journal “pick up new greatsword for Corbin”


1100 gold for a new +1 greatsword, btw

Great Sword


Great Sword

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