Kingmaker - As the Ravens Gather

A delicate matter

With a knock at the door, the guards announce the entrance of Marshal Slade to the Baron’s chambers, despite the late hour. The guards within the guest room escort the Marshal to the table Yorick is already seated at.

Slade pushed his read cloak aside, and takes a seat opposite, then proceeds to stare at the center of the table, avoiding Yorick’s direct gaze.

“Slade, it’s late. Is there something you wanted? If the table is more interesting, you can take it.”

“I’m not here about the damned table, I’m here about you. You have a duty that you are neglecting, and it hurts all of us”

“What? I am as committed to the Barony as anyone, and have better things to do…”

“Dammit, Yorick, you need a wife. It’s how these things are done. I don’t care which one you pick, but pick you must. An heir would give stability to the entire realm, and eliminate the succession question. Surely one of your new “friends” meets your high standards."

“if you stay unmarried, people will talk, and you raise the possibility of bastard children and a succession fight. You’re about to see how much fun that can be. Ask yourself if you want your children treated like Markoa.”

“Slade, you cannot just stomp in here and run my life. Things are far more complicated…”

“No. Things are simple Yorick, you just don’t like it. I’ve said my piece, so good night”


From three rooms away, a slightly amused half-elf chuckles.

A delicate matter

You can actually make that Perceptin check too, can’t you? That’s crazy. Who would you recommend?

A delicate matter

Can Markoa actually fail a perception check? ;P

Recommend? How does a younger daughter in one of the named noble houses of Brevory that is looking to gain power vs. the Surtovas sound?

A delicate matter

Ohhhh hoho what a sticky wicket that would be…you all jumping into the Brevoy Game of Thrones
I also kinda see the rulership of narlmarch as a Council rather than a strict monarchy. If I give the impression that people are talking about Yorick’s not being marraied that is not the case…it’s the River Kingdoms, there are many rulers who aren’t wed and have many daliences and the River Freedoms kinda sets the precedent that successorship doesn’t neccasarily fall along inheritancy but whether a son/daughter has the strength to maintain rulership.

A delicate matter

So, in light of our DM’s response, and in the voice of Yorick . . . “Fuck you!”
Just kidding. I can see Slade, as a civilized priest of Abadar, thinking this is a good idea.
And I can also see Yorick laughing his ass off (to Slade’s face). And I can imagine the flush on Lizvetta’s face as she listens and trembles with rage. It doesn’t take a good Sense Motive roll for Slade to notice that she wants to beat him to death at the moment.
Actually, I should have written that in narrative format. Sorry guys. I’m swamped with work at the moment. But hopefully I painted the picture.

A delicate matter

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